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Hard cider, day drinking 

Downeast Cider Pineapple and BlackBerry are definitely this summer’s flavors for me

Soft romance is underappreciated. Yes, take my hand and kiss it or play with my fingertips. The little looks and knowing glances shared between two lovers. The smell of their fragrance as they walk past you at home. Those are the moments that are all too easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention.
[by opulentnoir]

1) Spa Day - enjoyed a loooong time at the salon
2) future me concept hit
3) beautiful time with Hubby ❤️


1) trying a new plan for domestic duties and liking it so far
2) my plants are growing and blooming 🌺
3) new laundry detergent smells amazing


1) with the help of a really nice person on the phone I was able to get my new printer to work. Yay!
2) nice morning on the beach
3) washed all of my delicate summer dresses

take pleasure in the joys of the material world - art, food, all things enjoyed by the senses.


1) painted my nails (all 20) in dark red - and hey, it’s a vibe 🫦
2) beautiful beach time
3) cleaned all my floors with a really nice smelling cleaner - even the balcony

1) Found a great new grocery store
2) enjoyed a afternoon on the Beach
3) and shared an icecream with hubby

1) got my period. Finally!
2) nice walk and food
3) and the best: cuddles under the stars ✨ ✨✨


new chapters require a new version of yourself

Do the Universe a favor - don’t hide your magic


1) really good experience with authority
2) went swimming in the evening
3) beautiful food and company


Sang loud in the car with husband
Had fun out and about
Changed some furniere around

1) Husband surprised me with an totally unexpected gift 💝
2) had a nice walk
3) and really good fast food too 🍟🍔

Sipping on my Mimosa and hoping, the coughing and sneezing guy behind me is just allergic.
Oh, 2020 and 2021, what have you done to me?

Me: *constantly wondering why I feel nervous and restless*
Also me: *drinking half of my body weight in italian Espresso every morning*

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