"There's no question that he engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors. I think there's no question that it's the most serious betrayal of his oath of office of any president in the history of the nation. It's the most dangerous behavior of any president in the history of the nation.” - Liz Cheney

Kari Lake, a former nightly news anchor for FOX 10 in Arizona running for GOP Governor, stated that "200,000 ballots were trafficked [into Arizona] by mules.”

Imagine such a man-child throwing a tantrum and his lunch at the wall in our White House. Imagine this same man-child wanting to return to our White House. Well, no. The only house I see this guy going to is the Big House.

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Sol Wisenberg, a former deputy to Clinton-era special counsel Ken Starr, told The New York Times. "There isn't any question this establishes a prima facie case for his criminal culpability on seditious conspiracy charges." Hutchinson laid out "many damning facts," said Ty Cobb, Trump's lawyer during his first impeachment trial. If riling up armed supporters, sending them to the Capitol, and endorsing the lynching of Vice President Mike Pence "isn't insurrection, I don't know what is."

Supreme Court be like, “My body, my choice? F*ck that! Keep the planet from turning into Venus? F*ck that, too!”

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My dissenting opinion on the Federalist Society's ruling in EPA vs. WV is two short sentences:

The majority opinion is that Congress did not intend to protect our environment when they created the Environmental Protection Agency.

That sort of reasoning is how all of the decisions reached by the SCOTUS under the Federalist Society's control should be interpreted.

“As the January 6th hearings progress, the direct responsibility of former President Donald Trump for the terrible events of that day becomes increasingly clear. Each new detail paints the portrait of a politician desperate to cling to power at any cost without the slightest concern about the consequences of his actions, showing total disregard for the country, its laws and the lives of those he put in danger that day.”

🔵 Cartoon by Pedro Molin

Exchange between Meadows and WH counsel Pat Cipollone:

Cipollone: “They’re literally calling for the vice president to be f-ing hung.”

Meadows: “[Trump] thinks Mike [Pence] deserves it.”

Cipollone: “This is f-ing crazy.”

Yes. Yes it is.

Fun fact: During his latest segment of "The Tucker Carlson Show" on Tuesday, the conservative primetime host claimed the U.S. government will be lacing the country's water supply with "SSRIs – selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors – in an effort to placate an increasingly dissatisfied population.”

Trever Noah rightly points out that the whole ‘lunging at the wheel’ thing was the secret service’s fault. I mean, come on. They had 4 years to Trump-proof that car. They could have attached a toy steering wheel to the back seat.

DJT today -
“Hutchinson? Barely knew her. Just like Lev Parnas, Gordon Sondland, Prince Andrew, Jeffery Epstein, George Conway, George Papadopoulos, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Paul Manafort, Stormy Daniels, Marie Yovanovitch, Greta Thunberg, Anthony Scaramucci, or Rudy.”

“I don’t f—— care that they have weapons. They’re not here to hurt me. Take the f—— (magnetometers) away.”
- Former scumbag sociopath President

What kind of pathetic pathological man-child President tries to take the wheel of the beast, strangle a secret service agent, throws food at the wall or pulls the table cloth dumping everything on the floor?

"Just say it was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen.”
-Former scumbag of a President

Fun fact: Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley expressed alarm at what he called a “very disturbing” and “wildly inappropriate” attempts by lawyers working for then-President Donald Trump to pressure the Justice Department to help overturn the 2020 election results.
- When @FoxNews thinks it smells like corruption & sedition, that’s saying something.

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