Once my final project is done I think I will take some time to customize i3 or maybe change to other wm (cuz, idk it is cool and maybe will learn something) and for goodness sake go back to do anything of game development.

like he is smart, but he makes himself so much more bigger for no reason. Kind funny, makes me angry and a little sad (I wonder sometimes if he has some reason to act like that or if he is just a douchebag)

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I am closed and all but god somehow one of my partners (is that the word in english? idk) in my final project can mansplaying me,,, like lmao it could almost be funny how he will try to make me (and others maybe) feel dumb while trying to act like a genus,,,, while not really understanding what he is saying (?)

I am having some memory issues as my group finish our project, like I think is the anxiety and emotions (of finally being free from such a bad space) but oh my goddess some times I forget things i asked like 2 seconds ago. At home at least it is not so frequently

and may I add that "tear the score" (song from the anime) is literally just about their relationship,,, oh boy. I have a hard time going with headcanon cuz its sad that many times the author will just go to the het route, but boy I am just so into gay Shiro lmao

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You know, I would always joke to myself how Shiro from Kumo Desu Ga is gay, not that there where any canon things at first, BUT OH BOY I am not sure how intentional it was but there are some quite cute scenes with Ariel (could be more of a family thing or not) and one of the last scenes on Volume 9 is just SO "LESBIAN PANIC",,, like wow.

I really want to take sometime to just make as many really really small games as I can, i think that may be my biggest flaw, I study a lot for years but have a minuscule number of projects done. WIsh I have the time to do so.

Have I ever talked here how much of a simp I am for toby fox? oh my god, this man is just so great.
ACTUALLY, i am a simp for everyone involved with undertale/deltarune
ACTUALLY ACTUALLY i am a simp for all (non assholes) indie game devs, wish happiness and money to all of them.

I am kind hating developing a website/plataform, not sure because I just find it (at least Python Django) just so boring, or if its because the people around me (team and others in class/work) just make me want to kill myself and make me have to use a mask of stupid cis boy.

Yeah actually must be both, but ohgod django is boring.

my dumbass forgot to write but I was talking about toki pona

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I really wanna learn some conlang, from the videos I saw looks pretty nice and is easier than many others (i mean i suppose that is what defines it, being minimalist) so that would be nice.

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music, queer music 

Apart from Bandcamp, my new album TERROR is on now, too :ablobcatrave:


And on Soundcloud:

On Bandcamp (ph4nt24.bandcamp.com) there are also physical tapes available. They're diy-handmade, dubbed old 2nd- or 3rd-hand-cassettes 😺

Every month I will take "fuck it I am going to make a terminal roguelike, heck yeah" and then never do anything to make it real lmao. At the moment really wanted to make a terminal rogue-like fangame for the light novel Kumo Desu ga Nani Ka, who knows maybe I do something.

and in relation to work/studies it ends up being kind scary cuz I am only safe cuz no one knows I am trans. Scary shit that makes me pretty mad, but yeah i guess that is common for tech D:

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it's kind depressing how many tech related content creators are not so cool? like some just slap extreme right wing ideals in your face, some are my hiden but still, pretty sad. I mean even collegues I am working with are like that, even my tech professors are not so much better in relation to that.

still am a depressed/anxious ass, but I mean I am trying to do things lmao.

My plans of ricing my endeavour os were a sucess :D I even created a script to change which bar (polybar) i'm using depending of my wallpaper.

Hmmmm, I may create my dot files and see what packages I need (the 2 things I am more lazy about) and then when all is ready I change my OS.

Or I go crazy and just change all right now. Idk lmao

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oh shit i want to go back to pure arch (or maybe use gentoo, not sure but seems pretty cool). Idk I want to customize a lot but don't have the energy ._.

I really like Arch, but I really preffer to be able to install the OS and have more things done when I needed. I mean after some time with Arch it would be chill since I would have ABSOLUTLY everything, but I dont have neither the time or mental energy to do so lmao

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