Why did I buy a system76 laptop and then try to build kde apps on it 😭 maybe I should just learn GTK as well so I have something productive to do on this machine that won't cause me anguish.

Slacker 10 Commandments:
1. Never report fellow workers.
2. Never "go the extra mile" or "put in extra hours" without fair compensation.
3. Always make it appear you are "going the extra mile".
4. Never participate in "mandatory fun", especially on your own time, unless you actually enjoy it.
5. Never report a shoplifter.
6. Always conceal your coworkers mistakes whenever possible.
7a. Never worry about the company profits.
7b. Sabotage is OK, but be safe.
8. Always put working class customer needs before that of the company.
9. Never go out of your way to serve capitalist class customers.
10. Always steal office supplies.

The worst part about running Linux is that I have to reboot into my Windows partition to play any games with friends. The only fighting games I own that work well on Linux are Skullgirls and Them's Fightin Herds, and I'm trash at both.

Anyone else had experience with Tokodon, the official KDE Mastodon client? I'm trying it out, and it's very buggy, but it looks lovely! I've always hated how Whalebird doesn't match my Plasma theme, and now I finally have a client which actually does!

I'm gonna inspect the source and see if I can fix any of these bugs.


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