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So we’re just pretending Long Covid doesn’t exist, and that we can know in advance whether someone will have a mild or serious reaction to the virus.

Fuck this country, man, I’m so tired of this hyper-individualistic capitalist magical thinking bullshit.

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I mean, if calling other people by their correct pronouns is one of the hundred biggest challenges in your life, I am super envious of your life. It sounds amazing. Please trade lives with me so that I can have your tiny ridiculous problems.

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I'm a simple woman. You show me a femme with a queer-coded haircut, I swoon.

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This tweet kicked me in the teeth.

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Children who were never shown how to feel an emotion in their bodies from beginning to end become adults who are afraid a feeling will never end, and have developed strategies both conscious and unconscious to avoid them.

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Someone really tried to intimidate me by pointing out that if you go through my list of Liked tweets, you'll sometimes see me like NSFW pics of cute girls. I'm gay? Like I don't understand why it's surprising I like naked ladies.

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I used to really like wolfendoom games, but I haven’t really been able to get into one since college.

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RIP cishet men can’t get dates if women have standards

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Ship of Theseus problem, but it's just a trans woman trying to figure out at which point her nipples have become illegal to post on Instagram

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And I'm going to dare say it, but a fucking low-level contractor at an aerospace/defense company who kept a morally shitty job out of fear of losing already precarious insurance coverage is less evil than the actual fucking fascists who've devoted over a decade to hate campaigns.

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I didn’t realize that I was experiencing dysphoria until I started transitioning and experienced euphoria and congruence. But also, am I no longer trans once I do the work and resolve my dysphoria? Or do I magically become cis just because I’m not suffering?

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If we're discoursing about whether you need dysphoria to be trans (again) I'd like to throw into the pot just how many trans people didn't realise they were dysphoric until they started transition and felt right for the first time in their life.

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A thing I would like folks to remember: AFAB nonbinary folks includes folks who've had top surgery, and folks who're on T, and folks whose voices have broken, and, in general, folks who're generally read binary-male rather than binary-female.

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Dreamt I went to confession but the priest was Robin Williams and he said we should go on a ferris wheel instead of staying in the confession booth and once we were on the ferris wheel, told me that so much of the weight we carry is dependent on the expectations of others

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As an elder millennial, I find once again that I’m on the right track but slightly behind. 😮‍💨

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by age 30 you should have a few stock market crashes, one 9/11, and a multi year pandemic under your belt

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i used to think polyamorous people had a super power that i just didn't possess, now i understand that they're just people willing to look their jealousy and insecurity in the eyes with compassion and curiosity instead of shame and honestly? that's way more badass.

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When Ted Lasso said, “I love meeting people’s moms. It’s like reading an instruction manual as to why they’re nuts,” I felt that.

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It was a beautiful raid. A perfect raid. People tell me they've never seen such as perfect raid.

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DnD group of slutty clerics called Thots and Prayers

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