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This was, to my knowledge, the first comic of mine to crack someone's egg

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any "digital purchase" that can be revoked without a full refund is not a purchase, it's a rental

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Not only are they not speaking to us, they canceled the town hall. What are they hiding. Why won’t they suspend their officers who sat in that hallway idly by while our babies screamed and died?

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39. Fascism. One of the most important topics of our time. “How Fascism Works” by Jason Stanley is required reading.

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They’re mad Ariel is black. Wait till they find out Jesus is too.

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Each time you share the picture of a trans girl smiling, a transphobe bursts into flame.

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Wow, this is the most perfect description of this problem I've come across.

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Suprisingly I haven't seen any one post the Bone Farmer comic.

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That’s Emperor Zurg from Toy Story.

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Does anyone recognize this Phyrexian?

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What I find fascinating about this meme, in contrast to its predecessor, is how its being used by people to represent sincere excitement about topics they love, and by nd people of all genders to joke about our special interests and infodumping. 1/4

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I want to do some dnd character commissions!
Going to do busts like these, maybe full bodies?? and some smaller portraits.

Can DM me here or email me if you’re interested, I’ll probably only open a limited amount of slots 💕🧚🏻‍♀️

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