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“slut era” I whisper as I inject my estrogen even though I’m scared of needles

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This was, to my knowledge, the first comic of mine to crack someone's egg

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Universities pay staggering salaries to Presidents, Chancellors, VPs and provosts by the dozens, etc and in every administrative office there is a 57 year old woman named Peggy with a title like "Admin Assistant II" and that's the person who actually runs the university.

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It blows my mind that the same people who completely crumbled after having to stay home for 2 weeks continue to tell chronically ill/disabled people to “just stay home” after 2+ years of a pandemic. We at no point deserve to go to work? The doctor? Socialize? So insensitive.

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"What if convenience stores truly provided convenience - gave information about local elections, let you pay bills, buy concert tickets, had PO boxes, and had the best fried chicken you've ever had, even at three in the morning?" twitter.com/letkma/status/1575

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Speaking as a Jewish person, it fucking BAFFLES me that people are accusing The Owl House of antisemitism because... the VILLAINS act like antisemites?

Media literacy is dead. Do some teshuvah.

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any "digital purchase" that can be revoked without a full refund is not a purchase, it's a rental

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Not only are they not speaking to us, they canceled the town hall. What are they hiding. Why won’t they suspend their officers who sat in that hallway idly by while our babies screamed and died?

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not post-covid, not pre-covid, but a secret third thing (the middle of a pandemic)

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autistic happiness is writing a 25-tweet infodump and everyone likes and RTs it

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“man whose entire personality is loving their wife” used to be fun & cute until the likes of john mulaney & ned fulmer turned it into a HUGE red flag

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"If you cancel student debt, what's next? Mortgages? Medical debt? Credit cards?!"

Hm, almost like these housing, health, & economic relief are benefits a functioning government should actively provide its people *over the course of their lives*.

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The surgery trans people get is consensual, unlike what is forced on intersex kids, and it’s well-developed medical treatment with overwhelmingly positive outcomes.
More people regret having their gallbladder out than regret their transition surgeries.

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"Oh dear, you have a lot of... things."
The cyborg looked up. "The word is prosthetics."
"So much machinery. Don't you worry you will stop being human?"
"Oh, there is a line I will not cross."
"What line is that?"
"I will not question another person's humanity."

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“You oppose both forced hijab in Iran and the hijab ban in France!” Yes. Forced covering and forced exposure are just different manifests of the same regime of misogynist control.

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JK Rowling really went from 'I have some concerns but ill support trans people if their rights are in danger' to 'im gonna attack a children's hospital all day for working with trans kids' in like 2 years

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Can everyone please stop streaming the new Jeffery Dahmer documentary? The victims families have made it CLEAR they did not want this out, and netflix is profiting off of their trauma without consent

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lmao, basically everything trans people were praising about the SOC 8 was removed in a "correction" dated one week later. Let's be real: this was always the plan

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BYU health insurance does not offer its female faculty birth control until after the birth of her 5th child. 5TH CHILD. Just wanted to remind you of that

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