Me complaining again again 

I'm starting to rethink telling people when I do stuff.
I'll manage to do one thing I want to after careful spoon management and then suddenly I have people one me about "Prioritizing tasks" when the "task" is often more work than the one thing I actually wanted to do and barely was able to.
I've gone to one whole party in my adult life and I still have people going "Well you managed to go to a party, so you can do this."

When I told them I'd feel no pride from passing it, I meant it. Math makes me feel like shit. Even when I succeed. And anyway I'm still over here struggling with basic counting so it's not like the Damn world changed.

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I wish no one would remind me math exists at all

I feel like I've been getting even weaker and more prone to extreme fatigue...

The autistic urge to apologize after every social interaction you ever have

Anyone else here who would probably be social recluses expect for having been repeatedly befriended out of nowhere by people with ADHD?
I fucking love ADHDers, ADHD is great accept mine because it inconveniences me personally.

Autistic people are the best brand of people
I give them a solid 9/10 review
Only lose one star because people.

I love my marvelous thick and thickening leg hair, it makes me feel powerful

I changed my name with the bank!
I think that was the last major name change step I had


Hahaha people keep expecting me to do things with no prior discussion and are going to get all shocked when my chronic illness makes those things fall through
There are days I literally cannot move I'd kill for people to understand just because I do something once doesn't mean I always can.

Are we sure humans aren't emotionally complex bugs?

Anyone else sometimes make convoluted plans for how they would survive if suddenly taken hundreds of years into the past

Complaining and dysphoria 

I am happy for trans people who get gender affirming surgeries, but at the same time it'll probably be a long time before I am able to get my own. Seeing that amount of joy on someone's face, and then realizing you do not have access to that same joy, it's painful.

Are doctors all secretly vampires?

Mental health 

How the fuck can I go from thinking about ending myself to chilling and feeling pretty good in the course of about an hour??
My head is fucking weird

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I = good person
racist = bad person
Therefore, I =/= racist

People don't want to be labeled a bad person. But having prejudicial thoughts does not make you a bad—on the contrary, wrestling with those prejudices is what makes you a better person.

I get the whole, "We have a responsibility to our future generations and don't need to overthrow capitalism in our lives for our work to be meaningful"
But at the same time, my comrades are suffering NOW. I hate watching it.
I want capitalism to end as soon as possible, because we deserve relief now.

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