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Q: you took your bike to get here?
A: yes...
Q: How????
A: I put my ass on the saddle. my feet on the pedals.
Q: but do you have a driving license? how you'll do with the rain and the cold?

starts raining outside

A: the exact same way with a rain coat

I should check the weather more often 🌧️ 🚲
i dont mind getting my ass wet but... at a job interview, i'm not sure of this move. 🙃

2AM thoughts:
Singstar Pop Hits (France) is so good. Like how they managed to make a songlist this good?
Leslie? Medhi Custos? That old Shym song full produced by KMaro? How they did that?

btw i thought about a weird app. a Strava like selfhostable with activity pub service/website with an emphasis on sharing itineraries, routines, trainings and stuff with basic social interactions (comment/share/fav)

but im maybe full of shit tho

@fedibikes @mastobikes
my little 20 inch Michelin's look so small next to the biggest tyre in the world at L'Aventure Michelin Museum

I'll be in #Berlin much of next week. And given that most of the Fediverse lives in #Germany for some reason there's a non-zero chance somebody who sees this message might be within stomping distance from where I'll be.

If you want to meet up and say hi, that'd be cool! Additionally if you know of anybody who's involved in open source, or would like to chat about #Owncast while I'm in town, I'd be up for that, too!

how american white women discovered this song? for real. It's a guadelupean group singing in creole. And why line dancing? it's weird

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yesterday i showed a friend an amazing song i discovered at my dad's birthday party. And i was explaining how everyone knew how to dance to this tune. magical moment. and my friend discovered line dance videos using it. (not the same dance at all)

I'm seeing another Black run instance got ran off the fedi.

At this point it's pretty clear the fedi is proud of its anti-blackness.

i want a new bicycle so badly. bu i need a job first :sadness:

by any means necessary.
par tous les moyens nécessaires.
mit allen erforderlichen mitteln.


found that weird soft reset on a whole column on my diy keyboard. it wasnt my pcb routing nor my componants. it was just the microcontroller. so.... i have a KeeBoar 2040 with a dead i/o pin. i'll build something that require less pins to use it.

i'm glad i bought 2 tho

Even i tried a lot of mmorpgs out there, but i always go back to my one true love; Guild Wars 2.
i have only one slot near my heart for a mmorpg. others are nice but this one. chef's kiss :blobcataww:

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