I have this desktop with a Ryzen 7 and a GTX 1070, and I use it only to watch Pretty Cure and listen to music. I should probably use something that draws less power to do the same thing...

Yes, I know. Lo-Fi is music and stuff, but I want to see the visual art of Lo-Fi expanded as Vaporwave did, even just a little.

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Really love the Vaporwave aesthetic, and recently discovered that about it is that I actually like the Lo-Fi aesthetic, but can't quite find good art of it past the Lo-Fi girl. I dunno. Just stuff that mixes nostalgia and makes me feel happy.

Watching Happiness Charge Precure and when Cure Happy makes her cameo I'm like a little girl seeing her idol on TV

'I'm politically moderate, leaning conservative' - a racist, sexist, anti-lgbt Christian man who has yet to speak something even slightly left.

Now having friends and a social life, I don't get on Discord (or Matrix) often anymore. I don't play games anymore, I don't waste a lot of time on my computer anymore. Now I do stuff outside of the house.
I demand a refund.

Due to foreseen circumstances, now I have three copies of Wuthering Heights and I still have yet to read it.

I have two moods, and I still can't figure out what they are.

Welcome to our restaurant dating simulator. Here, there are four pretty girls who like you. There are... The kind and lively girl, the kind and lively girl, the kind and lively girl, and the kind and lively girl who also likes anime.

Guy at work: 'Ugh, had to pay over a hundred dollars on gas! This should be illegal!'
Me, to afraid to say to his face: 'You're the one driving a diesel death machine to work everyday. Darling, it is your choice of vehicles that should be illegal.'

I don't know where these Americans are mentally at but they're not on Earth, I can tell you that.

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Since US invaded our sovereign country, Hawaii also tops the US in police killings, disproportionately Pacific Islander, and Hawaii is by far #1 most economically unequal. (I worked with homeless/at-risk kids in that tent city in Honolulu).

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Ugghh I get so stupid when I have romantic feelings, and I... screw romance. I can't deal with it.

Hmm, I just realized that the LoliRock YouTube channel has started releasing Season 2 of LoliRock. Guess I know what I'm doing now.

My Aldi has the Deutsche Küche Jaffa Cakes again!!! I've waited years for them

Coworker 1: 'Yeah, they said [Maple] was a great server. The one with a ponytail, feminine.'
Coworker 2: 'What? That's rude!'
Me: *sips tea*

I performed pretty well the rest of the day, drunk off euphoria.

The alcohol sales are so stupid. 'Make shure this person is old enough to drink. Make sure they don't drink too much or they'll go on a manslaughter mission. Oh and if you mess up somehow, you'll get charged for this serious crime. Oh but you should sell al lot of it.'
I'm sure it's easy enough to follow well with it but it feels like the responsibility has a gun pointed at my head like 'what if I mess up?' Too risky for me, I'd rather not sell alcohol at all.

Me: 'The word lemon just switches the l and m in melon.'
Coworker: 'are you high?'

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This Unreal Engine 5 demo of a Japanese train station is unbelievably realistic

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