Aaaaagghh it doesn't look like it's going to happen but I REAALLY hope that Delicious Party Pretty Cure is going to be on Crunchyroll too

Outdated browser? I don't know what that means. Firefox 68? That's the latest one as far as I'm concerned.

We should start using pennies or cents to measure cost instead of using dollars. Things will start sounding really expensive.
'How much is that phone?'
'ok that's normal.'
'Sorry I meant one hundred thousand cents.'
'shiv that's expensive'

Playing Spyro the Dragon on Duckstation. I'm at Magic Crafters homeworld. decide to tinker with settings. Basically my line of thought:
Duckstation > Achievements
Achievements >
Make an account > RetroArch
More games!
Two things. First, I've tried setting up retroarch before. This is the first successful setup. Cool. Second, I got no achievements on Spyro. Now I must play it again from beginning. Not so cool, but whatever.

As I promised myself, my feeble attempt to translate the song. With a lot of, sentence mining, and maybe a little deepl afterwards. And context.
Pastebin: Until I find something you guys can edit if you want.

Now that I'm really looking back on these lyrics, I have a feeling they're incomplete. A few of the kanji are missing. Really want that site now.

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I found the Kanji lyrics! Turns out it was in my other microSD so *maybe* I will translate the song. The lyrics seem simple enough and I feel that it's long past due for a translation. Plus it gives me something to do tomorrow.
Lyrics in the metadata. Lost the site where I found them.

Edit: It was reformatted. Here's a pastebin:

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It's in Japanese. Unsurprising. I know, weeb. I did find some transliterations, but I can't quite make out the translations since it tells no kanji. It helps with finding out what they mean.

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A slight bit frustrating when you love this one song but you don't understand the language, but it's too obscure to have no one post any translations, but it's even more obscure that you can't even find the original lyrics.

You know one of the single best thing you can do for your ecosystem? Reduce the amount of plastic you use. Less plastic you use (water bottles, plastic bags, etc.), the better.
Remember: if people don't like that you're gay, then you're doing something right. Same logic here I guess.

I'm not a privacy enthusiast that's trying to hide from the government. I'm not trying to search how to make bombs and how to commit terrorist attacks. I just don't want Facebook and Google to get and sell my data to target ads towards me that's *not* related to magical girl anime, and I don't even get any of that profit that they're getting.

Though I do concede that I am, indeed, an anarchist.

I 'wasted' today doing pretty much nothnig. Just sitting around eating and relaxing. Do I regret it? No. Not really.

oh my gosh I think convinced someone to get Element and how am I going to explain to them my Minamino Kanade profile pic??

Yeah yeah "open source software" and stuff but the iBooks I had on iPod touch was the best ebook reader application I've ever used to read fanfics on

No, I didn't break my phone, I'm suspecting it's some weird internal fault. That being said, I don't want to open a browser, so I'm going to download Tootle. Good GUI from what I've seen. Not Electron. Though I do like browser. I'm torn.

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Dang. My phone is dead. Not battery died dead but dead dead. Guess I'm gonna have to just use Mastodon on desktop like a sane person now.

Make this the year the year you get that bicycle you always wanted. I know you want a bicycle. Even if you don't, you do.

So, yeah. I also have a Twitter. I just now got a notification that someone responded to a tweet well over a year ago. And I almost responded to it and outed myself to be like those who leave people hanging on a text. Yet, I swear I didn't have that notif yesterday.

I strongly believe that the tradition known as Christmas is outdated and needs to be addressed. Giving gifts is the old way. We should now, instead, just throw another feast and treat Christmas as a second Thanksgiving.

Thank you, from a food service worker.

I don't get people who video chat and hardly even use the camera. Like, that's a lot of wasted data just to show your neck or armpit...

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