A slight bit frustrating when you love this one song but you don't understand the language, but it's too obscure to have no one post any translations, but it's even more obscure that you can't even find the original lyrics.


It's in Japanese. Unsurprising. I know, weeb. I did find some transliterations, but I can't quite make out the translations since it tells no kanji. It helps with finding out what they mean.

I found the Kanji lyrics! Turns out it was in my other microSD so *maybe* I will translate the song. The lyrics seem simple enough and I feel that it's long past due for a translation. Plus it gives me something to do tomorrow.
Lyrics in the metadata. Lost the site where I found them.

Edit: It was reformatted. Here's a pastebin: pastebin.com/VXkHCTNu

Now that I'm really looking back on these lyrics, I have a feeling they're incomplete. A few of the kanji are missing. Really want that site now.

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