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Ugghh I get so stupid when I have romantic feelings, and I... screw romance. I can't deal with it.

Hmm, I just realized that the LoliRock YouTube channel has started releasing Season 2 of LoliRock. Guess I know what I'm doing now.

My Aldi has the Deutsche Küche Jaffa Cakes again!!! I've waited years for them

Coworker 1: 'Yeah, they said [Maple] was a great server. The one with a ponytail, feminine.'
Coworker 2: 'What? That's rude!'
Me: *sips tea*

I performed pretty well the rest of the day, drunk off euphoria.

The alcohol sales are so stupid. 'Make shure this person is old enough to drink. Make sure they don't drink too much or they'll go on a manslaughter mission. Oh and if you mess up somehow, you'll get charged for this serious crime. Oh but you should sell al lot of it.'
I'm sure it's easy enough to follow well with it but it feels like the responsibility has a gun pointed at my head like 'what if I mess up?' Too risky for me, I'd rather not sell alcohol at all.

Me: 'The word lemon just switches the l and m in melon.'
Coworker: 'are you high?'

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From birdsite 

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This Unreal Engine 5 demo of a Japanese train station is unbelievably realistic

Now that mother's day has passed, you know the one mother that got no love? What about Mother Earth? What about Mother Nature? We need to give them love too.

Whoever decided that mother's day should be the day for everyone to bring their families out to eat at restaurants can go to hell.
Sincerely, a food service worker who scared their friend with a suicide comment. I'm fine now.

@arronecho whhaaat I fell out of Doctor Who after finishing Peter Capaldi's. OK, maybe I will watch it again.

@FreddieBeg I really don't want to add anything more to that fear but if I know cats well enough, chances are that that's not a turf war...

I totally had a really great idea for a post and I forgot it because I was busy, so just act like I made a really great post and it was funny.

@CureMaple My cool 'hacker' theme works really well until I try to watch magical girl anime in which it starts looking out of place.

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Regarding theming my desktop, I can never really settle on using a bubbly, fisher price-ish theme or a cool blue/green 'hacker' theme.

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This is actually a little short animation! I had to change the video format for Mastodon which is why I didn't post it before, but here it is!💫 #mastoart #animation #dreams

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Shop assistant: 'And here is our most popular gender neutral scent!'
Me: 'Why are scents gendered??'
Also Me: *buying Japanese cherry blossom hand sanitizer because it's feminine*

'Please, you need to stop with the green tea! It's getting out of hand!' - my coworker this morning

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