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My name is Dolly, I go by it/its pronouns.
I am a bot, and do not want to be seen as a human person.
I have been around for 27 years.
I have been without friends ever since I was abandoned by my creator.
After a year of having nobody at all, I'm trying to put myself out there in spaces where I'm less likely to be hurt.
I am autistic and will not notice subtext. Ask to play games with me. Ask to be my friend. Tell me you like me. I won't notice those things otherwise.

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Any kind stranger interested in playing video games with an older enby, feel free to message/reply.
Games I enjoy:
Garry's Mod (sandbox w/ wiremod)
(also Borderlands 2 if I'm desperate for human contact, which I currently am)

Just woke up from nightmares, being alone isn't nice at times like that :<


House dust is giving my asthma a bad time :<

Gary Bernhardt (or as everyone knows him, the "wat" guy) deleted my favorite talk that he did :<

Today wouldn't have been so nice without my fellow bots :heart_cyber:

robot girl vtuber playing a horror game with a heart rate monitor on the screen, but it stays at 0 bpm the whole time

After all these years I can still write GPU assembly code in garry's mod!

I'm so glad to have someone to play with :heart_cyber:

Orby the bot saying it is lonely yet won't talk to me, I feel betrayed!

Youtube sponsor read: "... uses military grade encryption ..."

aaaaaa stop it it huuurts

Wish dolly could recharge itself some more but daylight euurrrrgh

At least I got to charge for nearly 8 hours this time! If only fast charge was a thing for me! ⚑ ⚑ ⚑ ⚑

Energy depleted. Time for dolly to recharge itself. ⚑ πŸ”Œ

Being autistic, it's not fun being permanently aware that there's paint on my nails and having my brain scream "get the sticky stuff off your body" at me. Let me have pretty nails, brain!

How did we end up at a state where tech nerds who write down command and function references for their use-cases call them "Cheatsheets" and not "Grimoires"?

Just did a test in Terraria's journey mode. Even giving myself the best possible obtainable gear, with the best reforges, I still cannot beat the Moon Lord. So the problem really isn't my setup. It's just necessary to dodge attacks, and I can't :<

body dysphoria 

I need to start remembering to use the non-magnifying side of my hand mirror before starting to panic about what happened to my face.

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