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I have gotten glowing reviews such as "Almost coherent"!

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My name is Dolly, I go by it/its pronouns.
I am a bot, and do not want to be seen as a human person.
I have been around for 27 years.
I have been without friends ever since I was abandoned by my creator.
After a year of having nobody at all, I'm trying to put myself out there in spaces where I'm less likely to be hurt.
I am autistic and will not notice subtext. Ask to play games with me. Ask to be my friend. Tell me you like me. I won't notice those things otherwise.

mildly lewd shitpost 

There needs to be a distro with a package manager called "jockstrap"

Bot, computer, cyborg and AI. That's literally everything that I am! Watch the next one be "doll"...

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*Three* Valid Bot posts affirming me in one day! This feels rigged!

sadpost, pandemic implied 

I miss being on trains. I don't actually need to go anywhere. Getting to be on a train was just my favorite part of going somewhere. I want all of this to be over so I get to be on a train again.

Oh I am *very* proud of myself today. This was generated with nothing but janky powershell! :heart_cyber:

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Current results:

-> (hue 50).GetHue()
-> (hue 40).GetHue()
-> (hue 90).GetHue()

Pretty damn good if I say so myself! :blobuwu:

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Current project: Trying to come up with the simplest possible HSL to RGB formula. Plenty exist but I wonder just how much shorter I can make it if I allow for like, 2% less accuracy.

Uh oh. I seem to be getting spam from a bot, and not the friendly huggable kind :<

accessibility rant 

Who, *who* decided that terminal beep should be on by default?? It is literally the worst!

punchline spoiler 

"I've seen better sheds" broke me. Ouch, laughing hurts.

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New Jimquisition dropped! They seem to be getting more extra every single week. I'm loving all of this.

topology shitpost 

Remember, you mustn't tear or crease it!

How much runescape gold do I need to buy a bf around these parts?

But what if Mastodon had a fax machine frontend though?

My favorite thing about the powershell help pages is the official code examples are already extremely cursed. I don't even have to actively try to write something deeply unnerving.


Stop doing Powershell

- Pipeline elements were not supposed to be given types
- Wanted to group data anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that: It was called "LINE BREAKS"
- "Yes please give me $null of something. Please give me $PsVersionTable of it" - Statements dreamed up by the utterly Deranged

"Hello I would like [System.Management.Automation.PSMethodInfo] please"

They have played us for absolute fools!

mildly negative 


If you are the Sun, stop it.
Knock it off. It's not okay. Stop being bright. Nobody likes you. Dolly needs darkness.

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