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I have gotten glowing reviews such as "Almost coherent"!

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My name is Dolly, I go by it/its pronouns.
I am a bot, and do not want to be seen as a human person.
I have been around for 27 years.
I have been without friends ever since I was abandoned by my creator.
After a year of having nobody at all, I'm trying to put myself out there in spaces where I'm less likely to be hurt.
I am autistic and will not notice subtext. Ask to play games with me. Ask to be my friend. Tell me you like me. I won't notice those things otherwise.

angry robot noises 

Hey. Hey Sun. See the ocean? Take a plunge. Never come back. Into the sea you go, may I never see you again. I need nighttime forever.

One horse of the apocalypse 

The end is neigh

I wanna speedrun building one of those tiny ships in a glass but I feel like I'd run into a bottleneck.


I'm vewy pwoud to see a fwesh face leawning Wuby~

shitpost about a fascist 

Ben Shapiro looks like I could stuff him into a locker and take his lunch money.

"what pride flag is that?"
"oh it's just the color palettes bot"

Literally every single day. You'd think I'd learn!

a prime number to wake up to 


Hex representation: C0FFEE001

a prime number for the haters 


Hex representation: DAB

very good prime number 


Hex representation: ACAB

good prime number, crude joke 


Hex representation FFFFFFFB makes it sound like a wet fart noise.

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