Follow Very likely the latter. Media entities have started to understand the power of simply not covering activists at all. It's why peaceful protest is no longer viable, because peaceful protest can be ignored. Which is why that fucking policing bill in the UK will be a disaster for generations if it passes.

(Also, just finished the video. Much appreciated :heart_cyber: )

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@Dolly @shonalika @ghost_bird

they started this around the 90s, when I was working in broadcast engineering in late 90s I set up studio kit for LWT (ITV London) and noticed they had a "roofcam" on the video sources - this was used for the news so the "live window" of London you saw behind the newsreaders wasn't always live, the window was obscured and a green screen put in front of it, and the roofcam feed was be replaced with recorded footage if activists tried to assemble in its viewpoint..

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