Reminder that you don't owe ANYONE an explanation about your gender, physical transition, or wardrobe. I only encourage coming out in situations where, #1 it is SAFE, and #2, it will make you more comfortable.

I have never come out to my parents about my gender or sexuality. I don't plan to, and I likely never will. I have told them my new name, but have not told them the real reason i don't like my dead name.

@commiequeer Always breaks my heart when fellow trans people come out to me, not because they want to, but because they feel guilty for "lying" to me. They internalized transphobia to a point that they believe they are deceiving me if they don't disclose their transness. I wish I could go back in time and tell them "the only valid reason to tell me is you wanting me to know."

The attitude that queers are being deceptive if they don't explicitly let everyone know that they aren't Straight is so harmful. It's your own personal business! Nobody forces Straight people to have a conversation nitpicking their gender and sexual orientation.


@commiequeer Yeah. That's why it breaks my heart when they internalized this belief. It sucks enough that cishet people treat queer folk as deceitful. It sucks so, so much more when queer folk feel guilty for their imagined deceit. I just wanna tell all of them it's okay :<

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