trans culture is learning to not even read the name on a paypal

Daydreaming about cultivating shiitake, winecaps, oysters, and even trying to cultivate morels in our yard once we've moved.

Unpopular opinion: Sunshine is actually a great flick, yes even and especially the ending of the film.

Asterius is so precious. And while I enjoy defeating Theseus every time, I respect their bond. Still, nice titties.

I An non binary, I Identify as a blight upon the creation

I really don't get the appeal of getting in on beta testing a new game or expansion for a game. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind and this isn't an invitation to try and change mine.I just know from experience that I rarely enjoy playing content that is by definition not ready for release.

Hades is a great game, easily goty for me. However I do wish we got more Alecto. I just love it whenever she calls Zag a redblood or trash.

Any Portland bus stop without a roof is an act of class war

I saw Star Trek Enterprise described as "Star Trek for republicans" somewhere and I can't stop thinking about it.

Democrats are absurd but it's even more absurd that they get praised for doing fuckall for anyone but the capital class.

It's been months and months since I've used nail polish but enjoying painting my nails again and since I've cut off all communication with my terf mother I don't have to listen to or read her bullshit opinions on it. I like how this is mostly a steely sparkly gray but with a hint of purple tho I don't think the purple comes through in this photo.

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