Oh god how is it so late/early? 🤔 Night.😩

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a philanthrope is someonr who turns into dr phil under the full moon

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We went to a restaurant this evening called Lola and Co. that the owner named after his dog and this is the dog. 😍 (Just called Lola, not Lola and Co. 😉)


Went out for dinner and I ordered sherry with my pudding and it turns out it comes with a glass of sherry so now I have two which is fine.

I may be biased, but my daughter is just an incredible photographer. She's been taking photos like this since she was 11...

Good morning. Today, I am on dog walking duty.

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abortion, death, reporductive rights 

A woman lies dead on a motel room floor, her naked body hunched over a blood-soaked towel.

She died alone, abandoned by her lover after a failed self-induced abortion in 1964.

Her name was Gerri Santoro.

She was 28 years old.


USPol (of course) 

Everyone else: How about full separation of church and state?
Republicans: Umm... not those religious fundamentalists...


Stop calling for Boris Johnson to resign you fools! He needs to stay on until the next election...👍

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I fancied a little whiskey but I have none so it's a Gin Martini.

People who reply to polite requests for a meeting with "my diary is up to date" are the real enemy.

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if I were a scientist with dubious ethics I would simply have not given chimpanzees brain-improving gene therapy and then let them escape, ultimately resulting in a planet of the apes. fucking amateurs

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I see why people are so impressed by roman mosaics this is taking forever

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My favourite name is Streccheforthe, suggested for greyhounds, because it shows that people are alike no matter what the time period is: "Who's a long boi? You're a long boi!"

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Retroish computers. Its modern hardware in old cases. On the left has a ASROCK ITX board and the right a RPI3.

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