It's pride month next month so straight people owe me money

I'd include they/them dick & pussy but they're on a whole other level so thats unfair

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I'm in the elite division of the pronoun squad

How can I be heterophobic if my parents are straight?

Trans women aren't real cuz the existence of trans woman implies the existence of women which only exist in highly political video games (it's ok if they're wearing very revealing armor tho)

Thank you, I needed to hear that. Been having constant battles with dysphoria so much

Tell me I am pretty or that I deserve estrogen, I feel worse by the day :')

With all the drama happening within metal Twitter rn I just like to say that if it was a man instead of a non binary person who took in a 19 year old who's very naïve, actively self harming and has worked as a sex worker since they were a child in a polyamorous relationship with people who are close to being 30 people would lose their shit just saying.

There's such a huge power dynamic at play here it's hard to imagine she ain't being taken advantage of

Sometimes I look in the mirror and I'm like "damn girl, you actually have a really nice figure"

The only thing terfs fear is the trans flag thats fucking weak lmao

Complimenting trans girls by saying "omg babe your boobs have gotten biiiiiiggg"

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