Oh shit! Pantheon (new anime)'s lead characters mother is "ellen" - close enough to elaine or lain for me, you know what that means!

(I'll tell you later -jk - totally reading into it too hard).

I do not mean to have been in such a negative grumpy mood lately, but I had some health issues come up this year and have been fighting off a bad infection the last 2 months. It's really worn on me, the pain the exhaustion. It's just made me grumpy, so I'm not my usual cheery self. I'm working on getting back into that because I don't like myself when I always sound like a pessimist.

If ever I have the opportunity to lock someone up and torture them in unique ways, it'll be using short 8 second increments of muzak (you know where it's 5 measures of annoying that just repeat over and over and equate to no melody), It'll be intermittently interrupted by an automated message that's unencouraging like "We're sorry, but there is no escape, you will slowly die from internal bleeding"..

Might it be you crappy wallgreens pharmacy staff. How can you have a 30 minute hold time!

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While waiting on hold for Walgreens and dealing with their incompetency (or at least this specific locations) which has now taken a full 7 days(1 week) to backorder and yet, still NOT-FILL a prescription for suboxone... Something has occured to me......

Wow, I always hiccup on title capitalization because I have been using upper case for each word of a title. Apparently I have been correct:


I use my alexa for reminders for everything. I have Alexa show, dots and studios all over the house, and a fireTV

I love to use EMOJIS in my alexa routines and reminders because alexa describes the emoji. For my meal reminders I have a list of emoji foods that she describes, it's hilariously autistic and cute.

So for my doctor appointments it's going to be:

👩🏼‍⚕️ 👩🏼‍⚕️ 👩🏼‍⚕️ 👩🏼‍⚕️ DOCTOR APPOINTMENT


Wow something is causing my laptop to completely kernel panic, and it seems like it only happens when I load/visit a different pleroma instance - every time I load up feeds on that instance something completely causes my OS to kernel panic. I'm on one of my cloned installations now so that I can do further research because I can wipe and reinstall this one easily. Going to wireshark and dump every packet and see what they are doing.

I'll bitch about it later, I'm too tired now, but essentially I'm to that point where I'm ready to just let this offer fall through, or just decline it or whatever than take a job where the way they conduct business isn't as shady.

I have ways to make enough money to get by through Upwork and I have 3 other legitimate really good companies I'm interviewing with the next 2 weeks that will pay me more and be more enjoyable to work for.

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Also during a squirting session pee can come out too or alongside stuff so sometimes pee happens, may be that's what pubmed dickshit's hang up was.

Catheters are painful, I hope he gets put in a rat cage with a catheter full of spikes.

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and in the right circumstances it is very obvious it's something different, it can seem like it has similarities to pee, but it doesn't seem to be exactly the same thing, nor does it smell the same or stain yellow, it's different. I wouldn't care either way if people like that kind of sexual reaction who cares what it is, but this person is just an idiot. If I shove fluids into him after catheterizing him, his cum isn't going to quite seem like it is what is should be either. Fucking dipshit.

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It's like if you mixed urine with some kind of liquid that is excreted that is like thin cum in large quantities. It doesn't have near the levels of urea or other things in urine.

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I think the manual intervention process of force catheterizing a womans urethral fluid kind of screws this study from the start. I doubt a woman going through catheterization would later ejaculate her normal female ejaculation. As a woman who has tasted and smelled her own squirt, it's not the exact same thing as urine.

"Is it a Zombie?"


This is my new favorite anime. It's not just a great goofy premise with some magical girl and zombie tropes. It's such a well written anime about magical realm/vampire/zombie tropes. The character dynamics are some of the best I've seen and I watch anime 24/7. They are some comfortable and fun and unique, and all the plot elements are fully explained and make perfect sense.

Also, adorable easy-to-love cross-dressing magical girl/boy zombie character


I'm out for blood now:

Just going to market my services on upwork and I have 3 interviews for some much better companies that don't pull this shit next week. It's a blessing in disguise, that place was seeming off to me.

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Found out, or starting to uncover, that this company that gave me a verbal offer that was supposed to come through, is potentially a lying bullshit company who used me for free labor. Those big Terraform and Ansible projects I posted that I completed, that are worth around $400-$700 in value ... well .. they were not assessments they were just ways for them to get free work out of me. This is the 5th scammer company that has done this to me in 5 years.

Grr I wish I could find girls to date or even just some girls to get along with. I hate how so many women are just complete bitches and so difficult to get along with. Where are the sweet snuggly girls who have done work on themselves and are into spirituality so they aren't complete borderline lunatics or just plain mean nasty personality'd people. It's really the thing that keeps me from trying to go out and date women is I can hardly even stand most women I talk to.

but girls in anime:

Now to have a little xanax and drift off into euphoric slumber with anime in the background and rain sounds.

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