I also went for a long ride on my electric bike and found a new big park place I can go to do outdoor roller skating with my bigger roller skates. I'd like to add Yoga to my daily routine, and at least 1 bike ride or rollerskating session, along with sun watching and meditaiton.

Now if I can get one of my two controllers to work with openemuroms and it runs faster on my new macbook I can get some gaming in too.


I got all my chores done, cleaned the house quite well, and did an intense pagan cleansing after reading 2 witchcraft spellbooks, and filed all of my spells into bottled elixers or ashes, and anointed everything... to "Black Moth Super Rainbow" and "Still corners".
So exhausted...

My favorite is the pixie blush with the tiny bit sof silver frosting, and slightly glitter frosted lips. The blue glitter shadow is quite pretty but takes practice.

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Crimped all of my hair, experimented with glitter make up and a new shadow pallette with rosey winter cheeks (kind of igari style make up) and a tiny bit of silver glitter and other 'advanced glitter make up tech' stuff I saw on youtube. While it's a really cute 'club' or 'rockstar' look, I like to keep all my make up simple and innocent looking. I still learned a ton of new stuff that I can integrate, and practice is always good.

I'm going to go cuddle my pillow this hard, like me and thee are trapped in a bottle together.

Goodnight (if I can sleep)...

Soko plays Ariel Pink and herself. I <3 it so much.

Love trap
Stuck in a dooms day
And heaven
Is too hard to reach
So i wander
Standing in place
While i'm dreaming of my own pre-cambrion age


I guess last Mr. Bungle before I do some art and get ready for bed.


(god damn mastodon is so much better than twitter, thank you god)

@Jader86 @ShadowBunny @yolo @wowaname @harblinger

"Your kiss goes everywhere, and touches everything... but me.."
"It's just 8 hours left until you find me dead..."
"<whisper> "you'll find me dead" </whisper>"

- I could totally cover the end of this track on my theremin. It's so easy to play a harsh E flat "flatline"

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@Jader86 @ShadowBunny @yolo @wowaname @harblinger

Mr. Bungle is too good. I wish T-Kan was still around.

@Jader86 , you could almost pull off T-Kan's look, you are handsome in much the same ways. Weirdly related?


@yolo I'm not sure if I can't follow you because you are on anime.website, but I'd love to be friends and follow. "Schizophrenic gamer". I like that.

@Jader86 omg hai fam you are here!!! Now I'm not all alone in the fediverse. <3 Thanks again for the 2nd super cute sweater. I wish I could see you this holiday season, I'm so bored and lonely while I wait to start my new job.

Did I nightmare delusionally through the end of that movie while I was asleep, or <spoiler alert> is Richard Ayaode the alien. </spoiler alert> - I have a super crush on him, but he ended up alien invading my dreams (not in a sex way either) and I woke up with hot flashes freaking out. - why do all my weird crushes want to kill me or torment me in weird ways?

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Doing more art after my shower. I'm a long way off from being an illustrator or putting a comic-book together, but I am enrolling in art school in a month, hopefully that speeds things up. (I have plenty of other art that's quite good, and they are just my original concepts, but I need to get character profiles down to a science so my characters come to life).

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