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There's your daily reminder that Sonic Robo Blast 2 and Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart are two of the most underrated (free & open) games ever created, fucking play em'

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Purity culture and nonconsent re: sex 

The thing about purity culture in my experience is that consent never enters the picture.

The only permissible choice is to say no to sex before marriage, and say yes to sex in marriage. Every time

You're not taught that you can say no because you have the right to say no. You are taught that you must say no because sex before marriage is sinful

I want this shit. I want this shit back. Give it back to me. Please I want to change all the colors to my liking...

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Why am I obsessed with GUI from windows 95-2000' era

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Dang now I want to reinstall XFCE just to have a shitty win98 theme on it

if i don't put Comic Sans MS on everything i use,,, i die

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It's literally the first time I'm installing Windows 98 on DB-X/VirtualBox/Whatever
Already did with XP and 2000 in the past, but never with 98 and I'm kinda excited about trying some old games with it

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This is probably the most pleasant image I've seen from Nintendo in a while 😌 (No I don't care much about the bike games and pilotwings even if I'll obv try them)

christian boomers when the 132142893421th unarmed black person of the year is shot by the police: god bless america
christian boomers when they see two gay people kissing in public: what degeneracy, won't anyone think of the children??

Not me figuring only now that, no, I do not need Steam to get my Dualshock 4 working on Linux

Probably unpopular KDE opinion:
Oxygen > Brise

Like yeah Brise is cute and all but Oxygen still feels unique and classy, maybe even more now with KDE5 than with KDE4
(I'm kinda biased since I'm not fond of flat UI but still)

I would also love to find (not outdated) good online resources for beginner in my native language but that's another story

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I really wish I didn't have all my current learning difficulties. I could learn how to programming, learn eventually Rust after some times with C/C++ and then do some cool stuff, but the struggle is real

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