thoughts on *bad blood* by l.c. davis 

so i finished *bad blood* and, hmm, i don't know how i feel about it. like, i don't regret buying it, it wasn't that bad, but it also... wasn't that good.

it has a really nice flow, so it was easy to read but... just, there was zero (0) character development. just. none. did not exist.

and all the love interests were unlikeable assholes from start to finish. and this is a gay poly romance, mc will prob end up with all of them so. that's not good.

i've spent 5 hours straight today on my phone and oh, it was a horrible, horrible decision from start to finish. curse you, headache.

so, since it's still month, and i am apparently still (that's how works, for some stupid reason) and also super , why not consider throwing some bucks my way to cheer me up? money makes me happy! :blobcatsurprised:

...i'm gonna return to my reading now.

i finished freya marske's A MARVELLOUS LIGHT today (good, too, because the library loan expires next week)

don't necessarily have a lot to say, i'm the kind of person whose brain automatically turns off when i consume media 😅 so no thoughts, head empty. but i loved the magic system and the was sweet.

so in conclusion, i enjoyed it!

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