We should all be working 4 days a week, and maybe 6 hours a day. That should be the standard.

What is the point of all the technology we've invented to make our lives easier and more productive if we don't use it to free ourselves up to spend more time enjoying life?

Instead, we just keep working ourselves to death and all the productivity gains are converted to higher profits that are all funneled to the wealthy.

thoughts on *bad blood* by l.c. davis 

so i finished *bad blood* and, hmm, i don't know how i feel about it. like, i don't regret buying it, it wasn't that bad, but it also... wasn't that good.

it has a really nice flow, so it was easy to read but... just, there was zero (0) character development. just. none. did not exist.

and all the love interests were unlikeable assholes from start to finish. and this is a gay poly romance, mc will prob end up with all of them so. that's not good.

instead of i've just been shoving more books into my 😅

but hey, if you wanna make my day... :blobcatpeek:


I have a multitude of things I could do today. This is dangerous, because it raises the risk that none of them will get done at all.

my dad, watching me finish a 300 page book in 3 hours (in english, too, which is not my native language): ...how fast do you read?!

look what has cooked up now

(sorry, i can't put a description on this image)

Long Twitter thread on ADHD and childhood trauma that’s pretty heavily relatable. CW if you ever had to negotiate others’ expectations while adhd:

(Via a Reddit link posted by @wonderland - this is a non-screenshot version)

someone made a very pretty #transgender firefox icon. I shared it in the pride channel at work, and someone was like "OMG would totally change my icon if i could" and i was like... "You can!" but it required a few steps of prep (like making an icns file of it).

ICONS FILE HERE: masukomi.org/misc/trans_firefo

Instructions on how to replace the icon on macOS in 2nd attached image

chronic illness 

The first thing you're warned about by others when you develop a chronic or long-term illness is that people will forget you.

They don't mean to. We call them social cues for a reason. People often need a hook to get to thinking about someone, an excuse to contact them. We can all kinda keep up with injuries or acute illness because there are known dates and timeframes involved. Here's when to send flowers, here's when to drop off food. When you ask how they're recovering, you expect some sort of motion.

When you're sick on a more long-term basis, I guess you stop reaching out because you run out of things to talk about... "that fresh pillowcase sure was nice," "I liked today's third random movie better than the fourth." It's difficult to make new friends or sweet-talk existing ones into new, easier forms of communication without the energy to connect over a shared interest or ability to sustain a real-time conversation. You want company and friends, but it's hard to get people to engage open-endedly and asynchronously. They'll think you are tired and want to be left alone. But what you'll want is comfort and certainty in your connections.

Anyway I have no real point; it's just sad and it's universal. And a lot of people with chronic illnesses are still on full lockdown and lonely or have newly become ill without the benefit of the social support they'd ordinarily have to adjust to drastic changes in lifestyle or ability.

If you are lucky enough to be healthy and want to do something really awesome for someone who isn't, put someone you care about who you know is ill in your calendar and reach out consistently. Send them regular little notes about what is new with you, send uber eats to their door with breakfast on weekends, suggest something for their reading list or just send them some books if they're able to read comfortably, ask if you can pick up anything for a hobby they can still enjoy while you're out, send them a copy of the photos you take that are fun or pretty that you're not putting up anywhere.

Anything. Just... make it recurring. Each text or DM or "I saw this and thought of you" is a treasure.

this is a legit line in one of my outlines (it's a very undetailed outline, in contrast to a certain other one):

"Cue sexy times and unexpected feelings~ smooch, smooch~"

Today's gender is a sympathetic, threatening ogre.

this is a legit line in one of my outlines (it's a very undetailed outline, in contrast to a certain other one):

"Cue sexy times and unexpected feelings~ smooch, smooch~"

The gender today is the smell of asphalt and sound of a drum line.

The gender of the day is a boundless thunderbird in an alien lair.

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