The 'pat' in Patricia is the same as found in patriarchy. In essay I'll discuss my late grandmothers unexplored but ever present gender non conformity...

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A conspiracy theory I developed the other day was that Meta keeps creating wonky AI content tools (obviously terrible chatbots, five-second video generators) because they're exactly the kind of thing you would need to make a faltering social network seem densely populated while you desperately search for a new hit.

Weird Al should do a polka cover of the soviet national anthem

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so does Philip Pullman have light materials too?

Has contemporary vampire media of any kind addressed how a vampire would go about securing a new social security number once they have to change identities? This would be an issue for any vampire residing in the united states since 1935 regardless of when they were turned. They would probably need to imbed a familiar to commit fraud on their behalf at the Social Security Administration.

theres a family wedding i'm attending in nyc next month that i've been psyching myself up for, for like a year and i'm starting to formalize my small detail plans, such as the joint i'll go smoke when the dj invariably puts on Sweet Caroline

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I want to live in the timeline where the only complaint people have about employing 'they' in the singular is how we should really be conjugating verbs like 'to be' to reflect that singularity

A lot of people say that night scenes in film and television should be lit better like they used to be but I say that doesnt go far enough! They should go back to how they'd shoot everything in the middle of the day and adjust the brightness in the edit

first time wesring a hoodie in 4 months, finally feel comfy

thank fuck autumn weather is finally here, i can finally go insane (good) after months of going insane (bad)

i saw a Hawaii license plate today, which really isn't something you should see outside of Hawaii

it was a Mercedes 🙄

i keep getting ads for hypnosis to cure my IBS

getting hypnotized is not going to cure my stress which is making my butt bad. i need cash money and for every fascist to drop dead immediately

my mom loves to activate a time sensitive process in the kitchen and the immediately get as physically as far away from the kitchen as possible

someone perscribe her some speed already

It's pretty wild how many people I know that I haven't seen in years because of the pandemic who have an entirely different endocrine system and secondary sex characteristics since I last saw them. I think thats pretty firm evidence that people don't transition for attention. What attention can you get if you're home all the time and half your face is covered when your out?

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