I really need a “make poverty history, cheaper drugs now” T-shirt

If I was Mr. Nintendo I’d make my computer elves make a game called Mario Mart, which would be like a 7/11 sim

I think aside from biblical literalism that kind of thinking is reinforced by the legacy of the so called enlightenment where a handful of dudes was like “wow it really took us thousands of years but now we finally have FACTS™️!” Meanwhile they ignore the millions of years that not just Homo sapiens but all of our ancestors accumulated for our survival

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The older I get the less and less I enjoy the type of internet jokes that’s like “can you imagine being the first dude so see someone get eaten by a bear?” now I’m just worried about how many people out there, regardless of if they happen to be a biblical literalist seem to have an understanding of humans and our integration with the world around us that assumed we literally just appeared one day and had to figure shit out.

Has anyone ever, somewhere out there, had a drag persona that was the Witch Queen of Angmar?

There needs to be a brick-positivism movement, none of the other liberatory movements of the moment are helping out because they’re so slanted towards thin trans women and hyperfemininity

(I’m not attacking feminine presentation by the way, in case you found yourself bristling, it just doesn’t work for me)

Ooo I gotta go buy some (hopefully) on sale stovetop stuff now that people won’t give a shit about it for another year

Watching the foundation tv series. Feels like the show runners were like ok we want the title sequence to look and sound like the His Dark Materials intro

Do the home movies people have to get all the way out of their footy pajamas to like do peepers and poopoos?

I don’t make the bed in a traditional sense but I do put my plushies back into their proper configuration so it’s basically the same thing

Crying Kyle Rittenhouse looks like the fucking guild navigators from David Lynch’s adaptation of Dune

Accidentally painted a dog who’s gaze has the ken of sapients

Fuck England but at least they have a legacy of letting ugly people on TV, can’t say that about the US

Huffing the Barry’s Gold Blend box like it’s glue

(Please know that when I saw this I am half joking and I know the actual root causes of the phenomenon)

Sometimes I think people hate trans women so much because we’re like the final frontier of people not being actively advertised at. Like the closest any of these algorithms can triangulate me is ads for trans men and cis lady menstrual product ads. People are jealous of this final arena of freedom under late-capitalism/early techno-feudalism

D’real ones know a voiced dental fricative ain’t shit

I’m so sick of tenors and sopranos

Much love to the baritones and altos

I feel like my body would reject any food that isn’t a bagel right now

About a year ago I had a surgery where I was put under and also had a bunch of opioids, I did not proceed to make a fool of myself or post inane bullshit on the internet so why does that seem to be something that seems to happen for people? Is it just that I’ll already make a fool of myself and post some batshit words on the internet when I’m stone cold sober?

Oh no I think I undermined my mom’s sense of reality by saying (what in my mind is just a fact cuz it is) that Obama is a war criminal, and then I had to remind her about the Geneva Convention

Like she’s a socialist in her heart but her brains been so warped by 60+ years of propaganda

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