By which I mean I’m substantially mentally ill and also disabled and confront my own fears about my disposability constantly

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I really want to be able to date in the future when/if it’s safe to do so but I’m really worried that I’m too big of a sad sack for anything to manifest

When’s all this yearning I do gunna just turn into heart disease

Oh wow I’m 5 minutes into this movie and it sucks shit so hard. Guess what I’m watching

Like I might not be a good dancer but when I’m by myself or drunk I think I move pretty earnestly and confidently. But I really wish I could dance in company with others without that curse of shame running its way through me

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I really wish one half of my ancestors hadn’t spent so long trying to convince the other half that joyful movement was shameful

I just wanna exist in a lil hut and people will just stop by to talk or get some weird advice or buy like a little animal figuring I’ve made or something. Also bring me smoked fish and bread and butter when you come so I don’t give you tricksy advice. I won’t bug curse you or nothing, just like a curse that you may always step in wet when in stocking feet

So called “thigh gap” is a government psy-op

Love playing the fun game of “Am I experiencing delusional thinking or would some other sort of framework outside of the western psychological transition better categorize this phenomenon?”

Apparently there’s a show forthcoming about Clarice from SotL. Who among us knows what innovations in transmisogyny the Columbia Broadcasting Company has in store for us.

Is there a way to get flowers to just chill out for one fucking second in ACNH?

Evidence so far:
-pervasive anxiety around sexuality but also a compulsive masturbator
-anxiety disorder
-BFF is gnc gay
-definitely experiencing BUFU about Maeve, I mean just about every white trans girl who listens to the music that Otis does as a teen goes through that phase of fashion upon hatching
-Entire series is framed in a veil of the trans feminine sadness of the music of Ezra Furman

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I think, instead of ewes, female sheep should be called maaa’aaams

Do the producers of Sex Education know how much they’re framing Otis Milburn as an egg?? Of course they don’t, they’re British


I was looking at the thumbs up emoji and the thought grazed my mind that I’ve never seen anyone use just their thumb to finger another person, in person or in porn


When i think about the phonemes in the acronym “IRL” it sounds to me like a biblical angel or something like that

Aïarael 👁🔥👁🔥👅🔥👁🔥👁

I’d say my biggest tether to IG after it being the place where I see people’s faces that I know irl is that a whole slew of Star Trek meme accounts followed me back

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