Me lifting up the blanket for my cat: get in loser, we're going sleeping


I got home at 8:30, knocked the fuck out, and woke up not knowing what day it was and thinking I slept through my next shift, which is tomorrow at 5 am

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I started my first day at the bakery at 2 am this morning and after 2.5 years of sitting on my ass, I am truly dead

Ok so I painted them a portrait of their insta pot instead...which is why I thought they liked beans!!

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Then I found out they don't even like beans?? What am I supposed to do with these beans they were $20

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Gift giving is so embarrassing like I can't believe they're going to see what I got them

This is me, 30 years old in my unchanged childhood bedroom this past June. selfie, eye contact, tattoo, not lewd

The shadows my eyelashes are casting are really cool. I'm doing a charcoal mask


I made hot cocoa with melted ice cream as the base. Highly recommend

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