Okay, let's do a straw poll. You need to recommend a Mastodon instance to a new user. You know nothing about them except that they're generally left-leaning. What instance do you recommend to them in good faith, and why?

Please note that I am specifically asking about Mastodon instances.

If you see this after January 3, 2022, please don't respond to or boost it; this is meant to be fairly rapid-response. <3


@noelle I’d say mastodon.lol is good. It’s a bit more general, but it’s what I picked. I saw the “for anti-fascists” and dove right on in.

@HerbSteelbranch @noelle +1 for .lol

The admin does a good enough job of keeping the lights on the fash out. The locals are generally pretty nice; I don't think I have ever had a bad interaction.

Beyond that, it's a pretty chill place to host your account and access the greater fediverse from.

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A Mastodon server friendly towards anti-fascists, members of the LGBTQ+ community, hackers, and the like.