Howdy hey pals, my partner and I made a prototype of our zine this weekend! I'm sharing it here first cause i like it here so much better than IG. A more official update will be posted to the Kickstarter page tonight. A very cool stretch goal will be included the update that I think TTRPG ppl will appreciate. Anyways if you like it, pls boost andor go to the KS page and back it. Thanks! :^)

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Thank you @Vivstardust I just saw you backed!! I sent you a pm on KS <3 so grateful

@Icouldntqueerless cannot wait! Gonna be tough not to chug the pdf first thing and wait for my beautiful copy

@Minty haha I feel you, so excited to get you yours :^) Idk about you, but I'm big on textures and the speckle tone paper for both the inside and outside has a nice feel

@Icouldntqueerless I am so stoked for you and so excited for this! Thank you for toot-ing again which reminded me that I hadn’t backed it yet!

This is so cool and I am so excited (cue :100_gay: ✨ squealing)!!!

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