i made a twitter bot! it was a fun learning experience /pos

@IllyxDawn his jaw is constantly agape so it looks like it’s screaming and i h a t e it so much

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i supremely hope this doesn’t become a nightly occurrence. i really should love that skeleton, but i’d probably feel even more unsafe if i couldn’t see it...

paranoid thoughts 

is there a good way to deal with paranoia? i can’t get the idea that someone is under my bed out of my head even after looking under my bed and doing all the shit. and i swear that the skeleton at the end of my bed is trying to kill me. i don’t wanna get rid of it because i’ve tried that before and regretted it immensely. sorry if this is inappropriate

scary stories are better than horror movies

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> cool people following me

this means I have to make good posts :ohno:
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submission prompt: you have a 7k word limit. write a fairy godmother story.

me: okay. ill make it incredibly gay. and ill handwrite it first. 22 notebook pages--that's less than 7k words right?

can’t watch drag race on tv guess it’s time to become a pirate

i wanna toot a lot more but i don’t want to annoy anyone...

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In the USA, a typical person has $60000 of debt by the end of their life. Your overall net wealth is very likely to be a negative number, after living to get into debt and perpetually paying it back. Over an entire human lifetime, most people in the richest country the world has ever known, will effectively own nothing and earn less than nothing.

And yet, the idea persists that communism is bad because it means that “you can’t own anything.”

You don’t own anything now.

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>the pronoun debate
just use people's preferred pronouns where's the debate
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how come the more you know about a computer topic the more broken that part of your computer

*screams into the void*
hello people, i guess i exist on here now


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