Dear federal agents stalking us online: everything we say is 100% serious and we are a threat to society. 😘

what the FUCK does ANY of this mean, YouTube?

Secret Lover????

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Hello fellow humans (+machines)!!! Here's an #Introduction

I'm not-new to Mastodon but am a new sprout in

I'm a Global Southerner currently writing a thesis on Indigenous Women's #History.

I consider myself a go-between. As a historian, I'm a cultural mediator in-between past/present. Plus, I'm a translator and wikimedian. I edit scientific knowledge in academia outer-space and love to tackle meanings across languages.

Here I'm engaged in knowledge sharing and other funsies.

rightwingers including have been spreading misinformation that the shooter in texas was a trans woman, using random photos they pulled from reddit. the person in the photos is currently posting on reddit in apparent horror that her photos were used in this way.

Amber Heard trial 

I cannot believe the amount of conditioning on this trial. I have deliberately avoid any video, any news, any sensational info about it, I know almost nothing about how it's going, and still all YouTube and social media will recommend me is clickbait videos of how Amber Heard is a piece of shit

They're making sure this has consequences for any victim of abuse in the future. There already are a lot of women afraid of reporting their cases. It's the revenge for the MeToo

Good morning people ♥️

Hope everyone is ok after so many terrible events happening this last few days. Sending love to everyone ♥️♥️ :antifa: :antifa:

Despite starting this article by describing mastodon as 'twitter without the nazis' and then explaining the lack of adverts, it then says there is no 'pull' no reason to join! Oh i see! You LIKE the nazis and the cool..

However, while performing a security audit of the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, security researcher Zach Edwards discovered that while the browser blocks Google and Facebook trackers, it allowed Microsoft trackers to continue running.

DuckDuckGo CEO and Founder Gabriel Weinberg confirmed that their browser intentionally allows Microsoft trackers third-party sites due to a search syndication agreement with Redmond.



hi, so im gonna absolutely play that card and say
i am disabled, mentally ill and cannot work. I have tried, i have done voc rehab, the works.
Im trying to get ssi, they refuse to help me but im still working on it.

Im probably gonna be unhoused soon.

Money most likely isnt gonna help me get a place but it could help me in smaller ways, and that matters to me.

please only donate if you can and aboslutely wish to.

Ill reply payment methods to this post.

bandcamp link, boosts+++ 

in early 2021 i privated most of my catalog as evirate in a fit of deranged self loathing. however, ive recently come to the decision that these pieces deserve more than to just rot away in obscurity, and so i've put all my shorter works from 2019-2021 (plus a few never-released tracks!) into a single compilation. almost 2 and a half hours of material total.
with all the love in the world, i hope you enjoy 🖤

I love how most people provide alt text for their images. This is amazing and so helpful. Thank you everyone and keep using alt text!!!

commenting on transphobic comics, swears 

I had missed Nish Kumar mercilessly tearing down Ricky Gervais (and TERF Island-style transphobes in general), but no one else should


I'm Bruce (he/him).

I enjoy talking to people about what they do and figure out how to model it in a way that helps them to make decisions. It feels a bit like a cross between writing speculative fiction, social history, programming, and statistics. I'm CEO of a company called Mastodon C (no relation to the fediverse). We do this mostly for Local Authority clients but have done it for all sorts of orgs.

When I'm not doing that I enjoy cycling (on my fat bike or Brompton), reading (mostly science fiction or history or science), gardening, board and card games, and other things when the world isn't quite so risky. I watch a lot of "telly" and "films". I try to take photos of whatever is to hand, but mostly share things that are already beautiful rather than find beauty in good composition or skill.

I'm a lefty green anarchist politically, but really bad at it. I support the SNP and Greens in Scotland and would like an independent Scotland with more power devolved to local authorities.

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