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I'm Josie, a queer trans writer of mostly and , both in short and long form, as well as a aimed at helping people learn to write better queer characters. I've also got a podcast with my partner (currently on hiatus, but link to old eps is in my prof)

I also love and other !

Here's my website if you want to get more of a feel for what I'm about:

Man still got characters huh. Love this place.

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Hi all, I'm new here! I write spec fic, blog about writing queer characters, and I've got a podcast with my partner. Check out my website to learn more about me!

(I sucked at twitter and I'm gonna suck at posting here too, sorry)

#2634 Red Line Through HTTPS 

Some organization has been paying to keep this up and it hasn't been removed from search results. Seems like two votes of confidence to me.

had to explain RSS to two fellow gen z-ers

me: its kind of like subscribing for updates on a website, before "following" was a thing.

them: oh, is that something new?

me: actually closed "following" on walled gardens, like twitter, kind of killed out a lot of RSS for our generation, but there are people who still use it and find it handy

them: wait, so i don't need to make an account?

me: no.

It's serviceberry season, and the required reading is Robin Wall Kimmerer's essay "The Serviceberry: An Economy of Abundance" which you can read here:

Probably the mend I get the most compliments on -- I used to wear these shoes when I worked in biotech and got bleach stains all over them. Been slowly embroidering little biology whatsits over the stains! Still a wip but I love it so far.

Any feminism where trans women and genderqueer people are not equal partners is just patriarchy by another name.

The Idaho stop legislates what all cyclists already do safely. Without it, cops can use minor cycling violations to conduct racially biased pretext stops (biking while Black) and reach their quotas. In NYC, the fine for biking and driving through a red light is the same: $190.

The trifecta of an unrepresentative Senate, a majority-canceling Electoral College, and a lifetime-appointed Supreme Court is no holy trinity. Get over your allegiance to these institutions and the flawed, outdated, and political document that created them.

Friends, several regions are already seeing covid spikes much higher than the records set last winter.

Please, PLEASE get vaccinated, AND continue to mask up indoors. The life you save might be yours and all that.

There's no blueprint for how to return stolen land, but with 70,000 acres returned to Indigenous care over the past two years alone, we know it can be done.


queer terminology, not serious 

STOP saying "gender nonconforming" and START saying "hot"

We need a Union for the unemployed and disabled

Why we want Reproductive Rights, and not just abortion access.

Transgender People have been forcibly sterilized in this country, in some states, to this day

Neurodivergent people have been sterilized, and this practice sadly exists to this day.

Disabled people have been sterilized, and sadly continues to this day.

A long standing Inmate sterilization program exists to this day.

Indigenous people were sterilized as part of a Colonial Genocide progrom, that ended as recently as 2006.

The biggest loss I feel from capitalism is losing my joy. I will live unapologetically joyfully from now forward. Let's do that. Together. :QueerCatHeart_panafrican:

I want to make sure this is clear to all. is open to having people join our instance. The creator and admin of our instance is me, Ikora. I'm a black femme, but you don't have to be to join us. We are creating a community space based on restorative justice principles. So, yes, everyone is welcome! But, it's in context, right? Unearned advantages will be addressed and acknowledged. We won't be gaslighting each other. Listen to experience, etc. Join me if you want to help. <3

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