I really need to learn how to use this site, I just boosted a toot but what I wanted was to quote their toot to say that Julie Andrews is 85.
I swear I can talk about more things than just Julie Andrews

My partner is polyamorous and this is my first relationship, so I had never had to "decide" whether I myself wanted to be monogamous or poly or what, and now I am thinking about it. I haven't come to a conclusion yet, but it feels right to think about it instead of settling with what is the norm.

So I was checking AO3 last night and apparently shipping Ms Frizzle from the Magic School Bus and Mary Poppins is a thing. Which, to be honest, it's something I didn't know I needed but now I do

months later I come back to *checks notes* ah, yes, talk about Julie Andrews

Slowly going back to writing my fanfic about a lesbian Queen Clarisse Renaldi from the Princess Diaries because we deserve a saphic Julie Andrews character and if I'm not getting one I will make it myself

sexual references 

Look, I just think that Clarisse Renaldi, Dowager Queen of Genovia, is a sexy AND sexual woman and that her husbands were not afraid of their own masculinity and they safely explored their sexuality together.
And also the mental image of Julie Andrews with a strap-on is extremely hot.

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sexual references 

Lately I can't stop thinking about how I'm 100% sure that Clarisse Renaldi pegged her husbands and I'm just here for it

Completely forgot to do this, but I'm told it's good to do an when you arrive at Mastodon, so: Hi! I'm Lady Bismuth, a bi woman, biologist and writer. I am a leftist who believes in a transversal approach and in feminism for the 99%.
I also love terrible puns, Spanish surreal humour, Julie Andrews (she's God) and Michael Sheen. I'm soft but a bit chaotic.

Hi! Just got here because my favourite artist mentioned the site and I liked what they said. Let's see how I like it!


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