Is it weird to walk your cat with a harness and lead if you live in a tiny city apartment but want your cat be able to go outside?

Literally just drawn porn 

As I said I would here it is. I am sure I will find many issues with it once I post it but I still hope you weirdos will enjoy it :blobcatcoffee:

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🦋 "I want tunable electronic eyes that can see any part of the spectrum I wish and alter hue, saturation, and brightness, and ears tunable to different wavelengths and volume also"

cis cyberpunk fan: "ok"

🦋 "and implants in my brain enabling me to enter a dissociative state at will and project my consciousness into computers, feeling my sensory input inside as real sensation, so my brain interprets it at a physical space"

cis cyberpunk fan: "cool"

🦋 "and I want magnets in my fingers and antennae on my head giving me all kinds of extra senses I did not naturally evolve"

cis cyberpunk fan: "alright"

🦋 "my skin should be reflective, opaque, or transparent, at my will, and change color of course for universal camouflage"

cis cyberpunk fan: "neat"

🦋 "also synth ovaries giving me estradiol bioidentical to that produced in a cis girl"

cis cyberpunk fan: "what no!! you can't do that! that's unnatural!!!"

I got my first appointment for my potential autism diagnosis on Monday and I am incredibly nervous. Mostly about not being taken seriously and about potential transphobia which is always a 50/50 chance with new doctors 🙃

If a Djin was to grant me a wish there is a 70% chance they would approach me in the wrong mood and instead of wishing for a cure for cancer or world peace I would wish to be able to turn into 5 tinier versions of me so I could yell "scatter" and run away in all directions at once for comedic effect

TTRPG thought.
Joke characters are bad actually. No I will not elaborate, yes this is an absolute statement

question for all the musicians.
How did you find your bands?
Especially if you didnt start out being friends who decided to form a band.

Whenever I try to join a new band its super awkward since you try to be friends but it always comes across as super forced because no one wants to do anything besides rehearsing. And I kinda feel like you cant be in a band with people you dont wanna just hang out with outside of music as well but that is super hard to find

I started writing a song. Is it gonna be good? Probably not but I am still proud of myself

I ordered a bike poncho and I cant put into words how excited I am about this

If you were a real life magical flying on a broom and cursing every dingus you meet kind of witch.

How would your broom look? And would you have a fancy broom for going to the theatre?

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I put up an "ad" looking for musicians to form a queer band. I got like 6 replies of people who are really exited about the idea. All of them stated that they were cis and straight

How do people write song lyrics alone without back and forth with others without second guessing yourself at every word because you think it might be bad/too cringey to actually go with it?

Imagine you could do art but as a job. That would be crazy

"Date Mate" is the cutest fucking name for people your are dating when you are poly and its gender neutral

Okay why the frig is it so hard to buy dental dams? I wanna be able to just go down to the shop and buy that shit instead of looking up every sex store in town. That's actual BS

Look how jealous the lady behind me is of my normal sized flag

Nut for real it's meeeeeeee

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