Any dutch people here who know what a cool lesbian like me would be doing in amsterdam this summer?

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@jens @LeaLeaLea Depends on what you like and when you're here! We've got cool museums (Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk and Eye are my fav), markets (Albert Cuyp in the Pijp and Noordermarkt in the Jordaan are awesome for brunch, or take a free ferry to go thrifting at the IJhallen in North), old buildings (de Oude Kerk usually has art exhibitions) etc. Def eat a stroopwafel on a canal tour and go bar hopping in the Reguliers Dwarsstraat which is gay heaven. 1/2

@jens @LeaLeaLea the parks are a nice refuge from the city, especially Vondelpark, Westerpark, Oosterpark and Sarphatipark. 10/10 rent a bike and cycle past the Amstel. The center is a tourist hellhole, esp Dam square. Visit some craft breweries like Brouwerij het IJ (cool windmill), Oedipus (hip industrial area in the North, if there visit FC Hyena as well) and Troost. Also, Pride is in August. 😁 Check out this article as well: 2/2

@Gina @jens noooooo I already booked and Ill be there in july. So ill be missing pride. But thanks for all the info I will keep all that in mind. And I will definitly rent a bike :blobcatreach:

@jens @LeaLeaLea if more comes to mind I'll add it here, feel free to ask questions 😁

@Gina @jens This is my first time traveling alone (I know right) so I have no idea what I am doing but if I have any question ill make sure to ask you :)

@LeaLeaLea @jens awesome , #Amsterdam is perfect for a first solo trip! It's generally really safe and accessible. Have fun!

@Gina @LeaLeaLea I second that. It's literally the only place I've seen a girl bike home alone at like 2am or so, and way more often than would be a coincidence.

I've never really been that much of a tourist in Amsterdam, except for an odd occasion. Last time I ended up in a handbag museum, because the concept was sufficiently weird. I wasn't disappointed, it was... well exactly what it said.

Usually I went for work, so less sightseeing time.

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