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Das Haecksenwerk ist da! In Folge 1 spricht @piko mit pecca wie sie sich Technik aneignet und kreativ selbst erschließt. Auch andere Haecksen sagen, was für sie Technik ist.
#haecksenwerk #podcast #haecksen

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OpenCV Python Course - Learn Computer Vision and AI

Learn how to use OpenCV for Computer Vision and AI in this full course for beginners. You will learn and get exposed to a wide range of exciting topics like Image & Video Manipulation, Image Enhancement, Filtering, Edge Detection, Object Detection and Tracking, Face Detection and the OpenCV Deep Learning Module.

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was mich immer wieder fuchsig macht sind diese Arbeitsplätze Argumente.

Nein es ist nicht sinnvoll, an unsere Lebensgrundlage zerstörenden Strukturen fest zu halten, weil sie Arbeitsplätze schaffen.

Nachhaltige Wirtschaft braucht immer noch Arbeitsplätze und komischerweise hat keiner um zehntausende Beschäftige in Wind- und Solarkraft geweint, als die Branchen gekillt wurden.

and don't get me started on capitalism in general...

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Übrigens: Die Bundesregierung beschließt: #Staatstronajer für alle. Ihr müsst nicht einmal einer Straftat verdächtigt sein.

Alle Experten haben gesagt das ist keine gute Idee, alle sagen es ist Verfassungsfeindlich.

Und zufällig wurde heute auch bekannt, dass das SEK von Frankfurt derart rechtsradikal war, dass es komplett aufgelöst werden musste.

Leute wir brauchen jetzt zivilen ungehorsam. Und wir brauchen bei der nächsten Wahl eine Beispiellose Klatsche für CDU/CDU/SPD.

Got my bank account seized for unpaid demands, because my brain erased the memory of recieving the letters, due to ridiculous stress levels at the time caused by my intension to reduce debt contradicted by my lack of financial resources to do so.

Putting the FUN in High Functioning and feeling high doing so!😎

Medienkritik, geistige Erschöpfung, Täuschung

ich: Sarkasmus?!

Seriöse Öffentlichkeit: Nein, das würde ich jetzt so nicht sagen...

ich : Aah, OK. Jetz war's sarkastisch!

Seriöse Öffentlichkeit: Nope!

ich: Jetzt!???

In dieser Sozionormativen(GD) Scheißgesellschaft kommt soviel
Gegenwind, dass ich einen Drachen steigen lassen möchte.

There would be no incentive left to meet the model lifestyles.
The concepts of decency would graduelly bend and blur at the edges. Individual needs directly depending on individual contribution to a societal structure is the gate that prevents the variation of individuality to a degree that can't support the proven conducts of life.

The common well being INside directly relates to the lack of it outside.
The convenience of belonging IN society is eclusive.

part 13

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What world would we end up in where everyones lifes potential and well being were not dependant on the value of social status, accomplishments and finacial value
but equally valid?!

part 12

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It would be so hard to determine what's respectable and worthy of support and promotion, if society actually supportetd and promoted everyone who was in need of it.

Why would it be important to fit in then?

What would be left to strive for?
How could you get what you deserve without a way to build on the system of inherited privilege and status quo, to legitimize your demands, like your parents had to for you.

part 11

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It bears the question if caring attention or relief is deserved in this instance.
They're not fit.
Fascilitating them the societal benefits they din't earn of their own accord, could endanger the common well being and the values that minted the frame in wich they apply.
How could the virtues prevail over the lived contradiction. It would reduce the generations of strain that distinguished the repute of well deserved prosperity.

part 10

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Is that due to a lack of compassion?
People care about you, even if you're not IN yet.
The want you to get there, to earn it.
The model representation IN society is caring for each other. But the members INside don't display the problems visible on the out and thus have no experience adressing or solving them.
Hence there is no concept how to apply affection to these kind of problems. The sort of problems no righteous good natured valid member IN society has.

part 9

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But they can't get IN like this, they don't fit. They're not fit.
Their way of life is deviating from the commonly accepted paths. Their behaviour is not relatable to the established Ideals of good ordinary life. The accepted concepts to a fullfilled life IN society aren't fostering this kind of problems. As the accepted concepts of compassion and providence don't cater to this kind of problems.

part 8

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Maybe they just are problematic.
With their peculiarities, flaws, failures and predicaments subtly turned into the result of them being odd.
Some sort of self inflicted adversity, they could simply end by taking up the right ways.
But they just don't and we can't have that attitude spreading around.
How else could it be! No one in their right mind wants to live on the out if this is what that looks like.

part 7

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You remember, the ones that can't see your efforts, even if you tensed every muscle in your body, because that looks as if you're in need of a bathroom but not like you're memorising irregular verbs, like you should. And that's just odd, how you stick out like that.
People who stick out.
What's the problem with that?

Well problems are the key word. They seem to have lots and no one IN your proximity seems to know a reasonable explanation for that.

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Evidently they're not the prime example of IN.
Mere cautionary tales to convey the idea that there is really only one way to live a good life.
And that is achieved by passing the judgement of the people that fit IN the core criteria.

part 5

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Even health and emotional fullfilment are clearly linked ideas to the goal.
Every child learns this.
Either by having to drink dishwascher infused water in school or by being the head of the group and deciding who your friends invite to their birthday party.
Being out is depictetd as the only alternative to „life itself“ but never really described as such.
It is vaguely defined by the negative traits of people who obviously belong there.

part 4

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So it seems to come down to you just tryng as hard as you can whithout your arteries rupturing. It's a bit like wishing but more intense.
But your not all on your own.
The people around you motivate and vet you to grow up to be a member IN society.
Motivation can come in many shapes.
The overall notion of desirability to fit IN is all around us.

part 3

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