During the revolution one of my direct actions will expropriating all of the nice big bathtubs from rich skinny people and giving them to fat poor people

just found out they're giving me a very important award so I asked my friend to drive me to the custom bust store "the custom bust store?" my friend replied "are you getting a head of yourself there?"

There were turkey tails and stereum in there, come to think of it.

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Did some witch shit with my vaccinated friend before the snow engulfed us all. Cloud ears and turkey tails. Pretty sure we're immortal now.

Imagine me completely dried out like a mummy saying this 

please... mushroom pictures... please

This is misleading: I made a tea of an old phellinus everhartii and it had some other shit growing on it which I cleaned off but maybe I shouldn't have and my tummy hurts.

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May have poisoned myself with a mushroom! Stay tuned!

Not to brag about the capital I have at my disposal, but I recently gave $3.50 to this server and as such deserve to be hailed as everyone's hero

The first episode of Modern Family has a pirate DS card in it. Hell yeah.

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