Love how when I make an alt on twitter for my nsfw art it just immediately starts recommending me to follow people I interact with on my main 🙃 (sarcasm)

What's it called when you're simultaneously attracted to men, but also they give you the ick

mention of sex 

I'm in my wholesome era :D

*proceeds to add gay sex at every possible opportunity in my game's story mode*

furry art 

A really sketchy sketch of blaidd from elden ring, bc Im love him ❤️ :blobcat:
also my first time drawing furry art lmao

I guess it was my mistake to start reading a visual novel that's still in development, but having to wait for updates is gonna be painful

It's officially have a mini fan blowing on my computer so it doesn't overheat when I have to have a lot of things open/play resource intensive games so it doesn't feel like it could possibly fry an egg weather

When I start transitioning, I'm just gonna tell people I'm "Transforming" because that sounds more mysterious

I think we should bring back "XD" it just conveys a certain emotion that can't be replicated with emoji

CW: kinda nsfw 

Looked up how sex would work in space for a story and wow what a powerful sentence "Human sexual activity in the weightlessness of outer space presents difficulties due to Newton's third law."
from Wikipedia lmao

Oops comfy sweater + rain sounds + jazz music + typewriter sounds when I type actually works I'm so calm rn

There's no time like the present to make the art you want to make, like, stop just talking about it and actually start doing it

A love triangle can't be a love triangle without a little bit of gay, otherwise it's just a line smh

I've recently discovered the "sonic r" soundtrack and what the hell it's so good

All the ingredients to make pizza are now inside me, I can't be stopped

the only problem is a lot of older games unfortunately have more screen flashing :(

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I've consistently found myself having more fun playing obscure/older fighting games than any mainstream game

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