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The problem with posting your thoughts is that you first have to think

Poorly drawn blood, firearms 

Gartic phone art is always beautiful

If it was possible to get drunk on mints, that's what I'd be right now

Just finished NIght In The Woods


Check out Solar Sand’s latest video if you haven’t already, utterly engrossing.

I have finished Portal 1 and Portal Stories: Mel. I'm now about halfway through Portal 2. I love this series. Will probably play the Half-Life games again afterwards.

Always close your brackets people! In general you should just finish what you

Day 1543796 of trying to find a name that fits me, really liking the sound of Kiwen 🤔

Loving the influx of new users (and old users coming back) after the iOS app’s release!

Git users be like “just pushed a commit”
Ok how about you “commit” to doing some exercise

Just released a minecraft modpack that I've been working on for a long time!

Hi guys welcome to my presentation on why language was a mistake.


That absolutley enlightened state you reach when, after 5 years of spanish classes, you can almost work out what a spanish meme is trying to convey

Another day having do deal with kdenlive because they isn't a good gtk alternetive 😔

Walked passed someone today looking at pictures of clogs on their tablet, huh

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