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The problem with posting your thoughts is that you first have to think

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tenpo ni la li open! sina sona e pakala la o toki! sina ali li pona tawa mi! ☺️

toki! Me and a few other people have setup a toki pona mastodon instance! If this seems like something you'd be interested in, here's the link, please do share around!
Hopefully it will be a very useful platform for getting immersed in toki pona! Everyone is welcome, boosts appreciated ☺️

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Reddit’s down for me right now. Would be cool if there was a method of handling social networks that doesn’t have a single server as a point of failure 🤔

I just got a clicky keyboard and a second monitor. My life's goals are complete.

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Okay so, we're actually petitioning to have #tokipona added to Mastodon's #Crowdin page. I'll be more than happy if y'all supported it and, once the option was added, translated.

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jan pi #tokipona o,
how would y'all translate stuff from the Mastodon interface?
I'm currently thinking:
mentions=tawa sina? sina o?
Local Timeline=linja tenpo pi ma ni (maybe just ma ni)
Federated Timeline=linja tenpo pi ma suli? Maybe? Could also be ma Pediwesi instead
profile=lipu jan
DM=toki tawa? toki wan? toki pi open ala?
bookmarks=lipu suli/just lipu
list=I'll get back to sina with that one

(#Toki_Pona just in case)

Might host a toki pona mastodon instance, will provide updates when they come but keep in mind that nothing is final yet 😎️

A bright, sunny day where every single car is reflecting sunglight directly into my eyeballs hurts quite a bit, actually

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Everytime I'm walking down a busy road by myself, I look at the cars and my hatred for them grows. 😡️

Everyone knows what coins taste like but no one knows why they know what coins taste like

Don’t you love it when highly-edited comedic youtube videos do that thing where they insert someone’s face into the frame and they say something funny?

Currently torrenting the audio book for Murray Bookchin's "The Ecology of Freedom", hbu?

This really is going to be the year of "the year of the linux desktop"

Poorly drawn blood, firearms 

Gartic phone art is always beautiful

If it was possible to get drunk on mints, that's what I'd be right now

Just finished NIght In The Woods


Check out Solar Sand’s latest video if you haven’t already, utterly engrossing.

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