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The problem with posting your thoughts is that you first have to think

Wishing the best for those suffering from the Dunning–Kruger effect. Although, I did speak to one of it’s victims and apparently they have it “completely under control” and are “100% sure how to fix it”

I have just spent the past couple of days migrating my toki pona instance at over to a new server and fixing all the issues that I encountered whilst doing so. I'd just like to say that after that, I now understand all the effort that Fediverse admins put into their instances. Here's a big thank you from me to all admins out there who are helping make the Fediverse a great place to be in! :ablobcatrave:

I properly stroked my family’s dog today for the first time in about a year and a half. Screw you, OCD!

I very quickly made this in GIMP, project file in comment

What if there was a parallel universe where people didn't develop object permenance until their late 20s. Like if they ever left their car keys on a table in another room they'd just have start screaming

Here’s another reason why I hate cars:
I’m about to make a car journey to meet family for Christmas, but the time that it will take intersects with the launch of the James Webb space telescope. If I could make the journey via train or bus, I could watch the launch on my phone, but because it’s a car journey, it’s likely that I’m going to miss it ☹️

I just found my friend’s DND character sheet from around 2016 and in the character’s flaws, they wrote “a bit suspicious” 😭

Just published my personal website! Check it out at (if you like :p)

I've just updated the thumbnails on my YouTube videos so that they fit in with the new visual style that I'm going for. They look really nice!

I'm now finally migrating from github to gitlab, it feels great

Just made this poster to share with people and help get them onto the fediverse!

One sentence horror story: Mount Rushmore wasn’t built, it was found

Putting together a retropie build for my friend for christmas, currently has like 8000 games. Is he going to play them all? Nope, but them being there *just in case* is certainly nice. Really hoping he likes the gift :)

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Just going to boost my friend's first post on the fediverse after I have finally convinced him to join, say hello everyone!

Me: *locks door*
OCD: ok but are you sure you locked it
Me *checks door*
OCD: ok but what if in the process of checking the door, you accidentally unlocked it?
Me: *leans on door to verify it’s closed*
OCD: ok but what if the doors now broken and now someone can get in and steal your cat

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