@gamingonlinux I’m a Linux beta tester for the game. It runs great and is a lot of fun!

@brainblasted Hydrogen (modrinth.com/mod/hydrogen) and Lithium (modrinth.com/mod/lithium) are both mods from the same creator that focus on other parts of the game to improve. I don’t believe they are available for 1.18 yet, but the combination of all of them on 1.17 is great

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Just going to boost my friend's first post on the fediverse after I have finally convinced him to join, say hello everyone!

Me: *locks door*
OCD: ok but are you sure you locked it
Me *checks door*
OCD: ok but what if in the process of checking the door, you accidentally unlocked it?
Me: *leans on door to verify it’s closed*
OCD: ok but what if the doors now broken and now someone can get in and steal your cat

@humanetech @houkimenator mobile Safari, I can try when I get home with Firefox though

@houkimenator @humanetech @TheAndSys the matrix room link doesn’t seem to be working for me 🤔

With Reddit planning to implement cryptocurrency, you may soon be able to live out the American dream of buying lunch with Reddit karma (right before the planet dies because, you know, cryptocurrency)

@haeckerfelix everytime I see a libadwaita app, I get really excited. GNOME 42 in March can't come soon enough!

The best part about the fediverse/small web is that you often recognise the same people and their stuff on different things. Like seeing someone on Mastodon then later stumbling across their Gemini capsule and then seeing them again on a Matrix chat you’re in

That all-encompassing urge to take the office chair that someone left out and roll it down a hill…

@brainblasted I’m really excited to see the core apps with libadwaita in GNOME 42 😄

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mi pana e sitelen tawa sona pi kulupu ni!

I've just published an announcement/update video for the instance!


Trying biphasic sleep tonight. Wish me luck 😳

you will regret opening this 


@emi sorry *liberals* but there is only one gender and it’s mine and you can’t have it

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