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I have finished Portal 1 and Portal Stories: Mel. I'm now about halfway through Portal 2. I love this series. Will probably play the Half-Life games again afterwards.

Always close your brackets people! In general you should just finish what you

Day 1543796 of trying to find a name that fits me, really liking the sound of Kiwen 🤔

Loving the influx of new users (and old users coming back) after the iOS app’s release!

Git users be like “just pushed a commit”
Ok how about you “commit” to doing some exercise

Just released a minecraft modpack that I've been working on for a long time!

Hi guys welcome to my presentation on why language was a mistake.


That absolutley enlightened state you reach when, after 5 years of spanish classes, you can almost work out what a spanish meme is trying to convey

Another day having do deal with kdenlive because they isn't a good gtk alternetive 😔

Walked passed someone today looking at pictures of clogs on their tablet, huh

*Youth pastor voice*
“You see kids, under the pope’s hat is a gaming headset and he’s constantly on a discord call with god”

They always ask “Donde está la biblioteca” never “Como esta la biblioteca”

I just scrolled through the languages in google translate and for a moment thought I saw “Amogus” as an option

Visions of the future either be one of two things:
* nuclear hellscape
* cool helicopter taxi

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