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jeder hersteller sollte verpflichtet sein, alle bestandteile des systems unter einer freien lizenz zu veröffentlichen, sobald sie den support kündigen / eol ist

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Apparently Facebook is trying to do what Alphabet did for Google in allowing it to shed its most famous product and expand into other things like "the metaverse". They haven't revealed their name yet but I think "Dickbutt" is still theirs for the taking.

Yeah, so Facebook isn't rebranding because we've somehow got them "on the run." They're pivoting their brand into controlling the data flow of all of our future digital social spaces at the hardware level.

It's so valuable to them that they're willing to risk the obscene value and relative power of their existing brand. Don't misunderstand that: They're willing to risk one of the single most powerful and financially valuable brands in the history of human existence for this.

I know it feels great to think, but the idea of anyone having them over a scandal-shaped-barrel is a weird techno-utopian fantasy.

I don't mean to take the wind out folks' sails, but it's so much worse than anything they've done so far, y'all.

The core mistake that Facebook thinks it made is being a data collection layer on top of someone else's hardware. They're actively trying to correct that by leaning into the hardware that supports the future of digital social spaces (including those that exist withing workplaces) and defining the narrative around it to prevent external criticism of their business model.

The ramifications of this are profound, in a way the current narrative doesn't convey.

News headline: "Facebook fined £50.5m for breaching order on Giphy takeover investigation."

Corrected headline: "Facebook fined 7 hours of revenue." 🤷‍♀️

In a huge victory for human rights, the European Parliament calls for a ban on biometric mass surveillance and facial recognition. 😀🥳 Let's keep fighting for privacy! 💪

Sadly we're down to only 1 (one) Patreon supporter now, so if you'd like to help support the site now is a great time to do so!

The last thing tying me to surveillance capitalism is my apple icloud account. I can’t wait for the pinephone pro to get rid of that as well.

Today my Facebook account finally met its demise after the 1 month grace period. I am happy.

""Any programming language, as long as you can fulfil the requirements with it""

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A casual reminder that @Framasoft almost exclusively lives on donations.

Do you value their technical work: @peertube, @mobilizon and many smaller contributions to various projects?

Do you value their fantastic social work which encourages citizens and organisations to emancipate themselves from bad actors?

Then you can support their work financially on !

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"if you don't have any of these you're not a real person"

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