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Stochastic terrorism + deteriorating material conditions + rising fascist movements = More mass shootings

Mowed the lawn, wrote a blog article, recorded and edited an audio version of that blog article, did the dishes, and now I am exhausted.

I hate the fact that I have to use both Google Docs and Microsoft Word because some people refuse to anything else. Then, in addition I use LibreOffice for all my personal stuff. Yeah, my documents are all a mess.

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Whining, hunger 

Today is one of those days I have to do anything I can to not think about how hungry I am because there is so little I can eat that we have at home. My parents (who I pretty much have to rely on for everything, unfortunately) aren't planning on getting anymore food (that I can eat for awhile) so yeah, not going to be fun for awhile. Guess I get to relive my homeless days until my mom goes shopping (in terms of how much I got to eat). Been needing to lose a few pounds anyway.

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I decided to start posting on TikTok. Posted a vid of me debunking a anti-abortion argument that pretends that animal eggs and human fetuses are comparable.

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Imagine being this stupid.

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Reason #1,0048,456 why I like Fediverse: I don't have to explain to people that asexuality exists

I got my first smartphone in 2019. It was a phone that I bought used, and was several years old. Had to replace it 5 months later. Replaced it with a phone released that year. Now, three years later I'm recharging that phone 4-5 times a day and it hasn't received updates in almost two years. This is bullshit. Is it too much to ask for phones to last? I'm very poor, I don't even have money to constantly buy cheap phones (which is all I buy).

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Played the original Crash Team Racing for the first time in well over a decade, and yeah, still has held up and is way more enjoyable than Nitro-Fueled.

It's weird to me that friends will video chat each other. Not saying it's a bad thing, just weird. Mainly because I've never done it.


Plus, one of them is the person I have always gone to for venting or emotional support. Now, she is doing way better. I don't feel comfortable going to her anymore because I don't want to bring her down. So, honestly, I don't even let any of my feelings out anymore.

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Watching all those I knew who were really depressed, and in some cases, worse off then me, now pulling out of it or are out of it, yet, I'm just as down in depression as I ever was is depressing.

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These last few days have been a whirlwind. I moved on from being a Christian, finally left every trans Discord server because of how bad they make me feel (tired of feeling and being treated like a second-class citizen on them, plus it created too much dysphoria), and the resurgence of constant severe dysphoria. I would like for things to calm down.

I love Firefox, but to be honest, the sliding tabs thing is getting annoying. I'm sorry, but I actually like how the tabs on Chromium get smaller and smaller, because at least they're all on one screen together, it's quick and easy to find the tab I want. Firefox, you got to click and hold down on the arrow and 8 seconds later you'll find the tab you want. It's really, really, starting to annoy me. Firefox is not made for those who have a lot of tabs open at once.

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