Cats don't like laser pointers. Laser pointers create a frustrating, incomplete hunting sequence that will even drive dogs to unhealthy obsessive-compulsive behavior. Laser pointers should only be used to redirect cats who aren't getting along away from each other and for attacking police helicopters that keep you up all night.

Watched the first episode of Sandman, I'm cautiously optimistic. We'll see...

Sex stuff, hormones 

My sex drive has straight up died and I'm done forcing it. 😤🙄

Sex stuff 

Just had the most uninspired wank ever, don't even know why I bother tbh... 😕

reading about twitter drama on the fediverse is like hearing your neighbors' fight through the walls

I don't care if the police woman is the hottest person you've seen in your life, copaganda is still copaganda and all cops are bastards

Horny post 

Why is nobody railing me right now? It's transphobic af 😤

"I think my cat might be a little fae."

"I'm pretty sure that goes for all cats."

"No... I mean, look..."

She tip-toed to the doorway and peeked around, pointing.

The long haired gray-blue feline pawed gently at the window, a gossamer-like fern of frost danced across the glass to freeze a fly in place. Then it ate the fly.

"And then there was the time I forgot to put out a saucer of milk..." she whispered, with a shudder.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #UrbanFantasy

If b00bs not grow, why b00bs hurt? Stupid b00bs... 😤

intersex, Greece, + 

"As of today, July 19th, 2022, surgical and other medical interventions, which until now have been carried out on intersex infants and children, secretly and without consent, to “conform” their sex characteristics with the “typical” male or female anatomy have been legally banned in Greece. Today is, therefore, historic for the protection and recognition of the human rights of intersex people, in Greece, in Europe and in the world."

When I think about climate change, I think about the Great Stink.

By 1830, London was the largest, richest city in the world. But the city's waste management systems had not changed appreciably since medieval times. Most human waste was handled quite simply: it was just dumped into the River Thames.

The result was a slow-growing crisis that lasted three decades. Cholera outbreaks (from drinking tainted water, though nobody understood that then) periodically wracked the city, killing tens of thousands. The stench from the river gradually grew worse and worse, making life in riverside districts increasingly intolerable. The government was too hesitant to take dramatic action, though; it tried instead to mitigate the problem, by pouring lime into the river to cut the stench.

It all came to a head in the summer of 1858. A dry spell caused the level of the river to drop, leaving the banks coated with mounds of what the newspapers delicately called "impure matter." The stench was so bad that it became known as "the Great Stink." Parliament, whose halls were right on the river, could not conduct business. The smell in the chambers was so strong that all the curtains were soaked in chloride of lime to try and block it. (It didn't work.)

Parliament was now faced with a simple, stark choice: do something to clean up the river, or move itself out of London altogether. Members seriously discussed relocating to Oxford and St. Albans, but in the end, they decided to act. Municipal engineer Joseph Bazalgette was authorized to build a network of new sewers, at the then-staggering cost of £3 million, to be paid for by taxing every London household three pennies for the next 40 years.

Bazalgette's sewers solved the problem. They solved it so well they're still in use today. But democratic government had to be dragged kicking and screaming into making them happen. Only when the problem made their own lives intolerable did they finally act.

How all this relates to climate change, I shall leave as an exercise for the reader.

You don't need a steady diet of Doomposting to be outraged. I don't even need to list all the the things to be outraged by. That would be depressing.

But, while your waiting for that **SPARK** of outrage, to cause mass societal motivation.

You can focus on building resource, and defense collectives. So when their is finally that **SPARK** of outrage.

Well all be prepared for sustained mobilization.

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