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Put your wallets away, direct donations are appreciated but not required. Rather, I want more people to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I have a full time job, a disabled partner to care for and an apartment we can barely afford. I need my (adult) content to gain some more traction. I'm tired of scraping by, I want to feel secure for once. So boost this, help a burned out swer feel loved, eh?

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Censored lewd, uspol 

I had a phase where I started censoring my nudes with memes, this is a personal favorite. :3

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Semi lewd, legs, stuffed animal 

My partner has this stuffy and it's a bunny but everyone thinks it looks like a penis

I feel like it's not even morbin' time anymore and that is so sad to me

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fucking hate living in a country where they blame the mentally ill for mass shootings instead of the neo-nazis and white supremacists

The kicker is I finally have a job that treats me well and it's in walking distance of these apartments. I already passed the credit check with these property managers. I could have a really simple, good life if he was never a part of the equation.

I'm a hard worker. I do good work and I take pride in a job well done. I'm not lazy. I'm working full time, making content, donating plasma and I still feel like I'm drowning.

I just want a place to live. Not even a nice place, I'd settle for this place if my piece of shit room mate didn't rack up $7k in debt to the landlord. Luckily they never officially added me to the lease, so the amount doesn't matter.

But I don't want to fucking move again my back hurts so much already 😫

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who knew that people would prefer not to come to a country that lets covid kill a million people out of negligence

who knew that people would prefer not to come to a country that has had a spike in racism and hate crimes against them

20yo Co-worker: haha by the time they finish construction there's more potholes
Me: Shut your mouth, you have no idea how good the infrastructure here is compared to most of America. You can't even conceptualize how good you have it and until you explore outside this place you never will.

...was I too blunt?

I don't have a filter, the brita jug takes up too much space in the fridge

As I looked for faces in the crowd I recognized, I saw a few who seemed to know me. Being recognized with no recognition of your own is lonely. Here are these people who've probably met me at a bar, interacted with me online or watched my content, who think they know me and I know nothing about them. Where they feel familiarity and belonging I feel nothing. Just empty space where a genuine connection could go if they could see past the performance.


I guess what I take out of it all is that trying too hard to make people happy will hurt me and not trying hard enough to connect will hurt them. My life has mostly been one desperate attempt after another to please people and I'm fucking tired 🥲

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And please don't take this as some cautionary tale against doing sex work, it's not. I've always been an exhibitionist so this type of burnout was inevitable.

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I used to drive people away by being too attached, too clingy, too sexually demanding. Now I feel at risk of losing people who care about me because I'm detached and disinterested in sex.

It's easy to feel like it's just a transaction after doing sex work. You get to fuck the cute twink, I get footage to sell to people who want to watch the cute twink get fucked. Performing became easier than intimately connecting because there's less risk and no heartbreak.

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I give back to society by not being a menace to it :blobpats:

The crypto market gave the energy sector the perfect opportunity to burn even more coal and oil just to make a line go up and decentralization is no nearer a goal than it was 10 years ago 🙃

There's so many hot people at pride 🥲

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They are absolutely gonna find Kid Rock's fingerprints on at least one classified document

*sucks down drink*

My boyfriends nickname is drink 🥴

Hey (with intentions to be the most unhinged person you follow)

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