The eighth annual international Gender Census 2021 is now open until 10th March!

It's for anyone whose genders (or lack thereof) aren't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and the results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

Actually, I wonder what holidays would look like in this anarchist life sim? 🤔

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Oh, holiday good, have presents and avoid relatives or whatever.

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We have all these pleasant life sims, like The Sims, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, etc. But they all have capitalism assumed.

It would be cool to see an anarchist life sim. I struggle to understand social and political stuff, and wanna' see what life would be like that way. And I bet that it would help others understand what anarchists want.

People just wanna' have fun, and I'm here ruining it for everyone. 

Jupiter: Everyone's saying we kissed because we vaguely passed each oth--

Saturn: Go away, I don't care.

Me: I'm aleady struggling to learn Japanese and Auslan, I don't need to add an underused conlang on top of that. <_<

Also me: toki! mi jan Alapi. mi sona e toki pona lili. <Hi! I'm Alapi. I know a little Toki Pona.>

Self control? What's that?

Attempting a hack in my ADHD household. We all have ADHD, which means conflicts between hyperfocus and interruption. This is my first attempt at a solution. Yet to test, but just look at the symbol and know if I can be distracted!

I kinda' want there to be a federated version of Tiktok. This might sound weird if you're not on it (or if you're stuck on "straight tiktok"), but I have learned so much more there than any other social media platform. Especially about my own disabilities, but many other things, too.

They're having a crackdown on sexual stuff and kink stuff, too, but moving to mastodon doesn't work for that as well as it does for instagram.

There's an instagram migration? What did instagram do *now*? <_<

Ellen -> Elliot is kinda' reverse EGS.

... No one's gonna' know what I just said, are they? XD

From @4CH1LLE5@birdsite:

So the Japanese Government is holding a hearing on matters concerning same-sex marriage, which is still illegal there. It's being livestreamed and they're "gauging interest" based on how many people watch it. HOWEVER the stream is "coincedentially" held at a time when most people in Japan will be at work and unable to watch it. It starts in 2 hours, here's a link. Please be there and spread the word if you can. Use a VPN.

Hearing some of my favourite people in games journalism calling Necrobarista's dialogue "unrealistic" was a real punch in the face that reminded me they are only American after all.
Anyway this is a great piece. If you're American and like games, read it.


Here it is: my piece on the frustrations of trying to create English-language media outside of the American cultural bubble. Enjoy.


Other people: When I'm depressed I watch videos or play games to distract myself.
Me: «deep dives into dual-booting linux on my windows PC»

Me being a dork 

The existence of elderflower implies the existence of youthflower. Maybe middleageflower, too.

Is anyone aware of anything resembling the Gender Census in languages other than English?

A practical guide I wrote to help people get out of using the usual suspects of the toxic big text ecosystem
It does not cover everything, so lemme know if there's anything I missed.
Ps. I know I missed XMPP. Whoops

Thinking about programming my game, but then my brain's like "Hey, we should replace Windows with Linux". Braiiiin, I don't have tiiiiiime! This is my work computer!

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