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Hi, I'm Oni. It rhymes with Bonnie.

I'm mostly a computer nerd. I study Dutch, cooking, trauma and how it affects us, and relationships.

I like to take care of people if and when I can, and I like to learn more to care for more.

I play PAYDAY 2 and I love the "Delete and redraft" feature.

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I may hate myself, but at least I'm pretty. 😔

Concept: A video game based on the Calvin & Hobbes Sunday strip from July 19, 1992 where they turn golf into a contact sport.

What's got 1.95 thumbs and can't finish making lunch?

*cuts off the tip of her thumb*

"God damnit, now @flor has to finish my soup."

antisocial media

it's the same thing, just with a more honest name

Really fucking annoying the way the translate feature on Subway Tooter just doesn't see image descriptions.

Also why the fuck can't I select text? That should be basic functionality on anything with text!

It was plural pride day yesterday and no one told us‽

very cool that I can barely look at a space photo without being reminded that someone actively hates me and plenty of people are willing to just let that happen

learning to make omelettes is great because if you fuck it up then scrambled eggs are good, too.

I won't hide myself
I'll not placate fear or hate
I would rather die

Aah, being trans really is just getting hotter every single day isn't it

Silly doge man and his silly fanbase 

The whole "Elon stole the credit for that stuff" argument doesn't work with his fans because they are under the impression that successful business practice under capitalism IS stealing credit. They do not give a fuck about ethics.

Boosts appreciated :ablobcatenjoy:

The country of my birth…

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