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Hi, I'm Oni. It rhymes with Bonnie.

I'm mostly a computer nerd. I study Dutch, cooking, trauma and how it affects us, and relationships.

I like to take care of people if and when I can, and I like to learn more to care for more.

I play PAYDAY 2 and I love the "Delete and redraft" feature.

The "Oni start feeding yourself more than once a day" challenge

Tired: Excusing your farts 🤫
Wired: Claiming your farts 🖐️ 😞
Inspired: Claiming someone else's farts. 🖐️ 😤

Scared senseless. No way to go but forward. 😣

cops in texas - actual "pronoun police" - pol 

Funny thing about the whole "pronoun police" thing that bigots tried to use for rallying around transphobia is that in Texas police officers can get you on charges of "decieving them" about your "identity" by which they mean your legal sex marker does not match what pronouns and what style of dress you use. So they actually do police your pronouns if you get stopped and will charge you with decieving them if you aren't careful. :acab:

I get the impression this is rare and is mostly the kind of charge that gets brought up to rack up additional charges if need be, since most cops aren't aware of it, but will just harass you for being trans anyways.

As long as a gender marker exists to be checked against there will be institutionalized transphobia. Since it is only there for police and bureaucrats to futz over. Don't further legalize gender, decriminalize it. #transphobia #transmisia


I am testing something with RSS feeds, content warnings, and unlisted tweets.

Unlisted tweets don't usually go to RSS. However I suspect that applying a content warning overrides that. I'm testing this now

There is a bot on one of of the discord servers I'm in that links my toots and I'm testing if the unlisted option is enough to prevent it or if I have to make it entirely private.

Surely after sleeping like garbage and being exhausted the whole day I will pass out easily.

There's no way I'll lay awake most of the night and get only three questionable hours of sleep.


The nice thing about catastrophizing everything is nothing goes as badly as you imagine it could.

the machine isn’t stealing your job, your boss just doesn’t think of you as a person

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Itching to play Factorio, but I'd much rather hold a conversation with my partner and I KNOW I'm incapable of both at once.

Skating the edge between absolutely chill and definite and complete burnout. Parkour

In a long distance relationship the separation is first measured in distance. Once you have been together and parted again that separation will be measured in time.

If it detects smoke from the oven before I do when I'm standing in front of it, it's too sensitive.

I doubt the dumb fuck that designed these smoke detectors ever cooked a meal themselves. How the fuck am I supposed to cook if the slightest bit of smoke sets it off?

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