Hi, I'm Oni. It rhymes with Bonnie.

I'm mostly a computer nerd. I study Dutch, cooking, trauma and how it affects us, and relationships.

I like to take care of people if and when I can, and I like to learn more to care for more.

I play PAYDAY 2 and I love the "Delete and redraft" feature.

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@Oni haven't played Payday 2 in ages but I loved it so much! and… hi Oni!

@e4 I'd love to learn to play the highest difficulty! For now I'm learning to do ECM rushes.

@Oni couldn't survive half minute in the highest difficulty @@. But I did do some stealth ones like the banks, those were the easy ones iirc? ECM rush sounds fun!

@e4 Yeah, "Bank Heist" missions are pretty easy with only 4 pagers on the map so once you clear those you just have to wait for a drill and haul loot.

With an ECM rush we can clear Diamond Store in just over two minutes.

@Oni that's crazy! :BlobhajSadReach: brings up more memories about the game, miss it so much

@Oni you study Dutch? I assume this is not by choice hahaha, most terrible language ever.. And it's my native language 😨

@admin I've fallen in love with a Dutchie, and I hope to be one some day.

@Oni Aaahww, then you have my blessing! Always nice to see people actually liking The Netherlands!

How such a small place can make so much impact on someone! 😊

@admin I absolutely love the Netherlands and I'm looking forward to returning in the summer! I'm currently stuck in the US. We have no trams and hardly any buses. I'm practically stuck at home, and a car is required to get anywhere. -_-

I miss the Netherlands so much!

@Oni haha so posting a picture of a nice dutch bike would make you hella jealous? haha!

Yea I do understand how that made you love it, everything here can be reached so easily!

I even walk to most of the things, I do not own a car nor a license.
And I have nothing to complain 😊

@admin I have a driving license but I've never owned a car. And it *would* make me jealous if our sidewalks weren't crumbling. Riding a bike here is downright dangerous with the way the streets are designed strictly for cars. 😓

We may be getting me a bike when I come back, though! That would be so good!

@Oni If you wanna feel like a real dutchie! You should get a bike we call "Omafiets" (Grandma bicycle)

I actually own one that looks very much like the one in the image I will attach, only mine has flowers 😊

@admin omafiets is definitely what I have been wanting, or something similar for cargo. My partner wants me to get something that goes 'zoom'.

@Oni Omafietsen do not have shifters in general, so if you have some leg muscles, you can go "zoooom" haha!

But there are I think also electrical versions of it; but I can be wrong on that one.

@admin I *do* have leg muscles! Probably the only ones that stuck around after starting hormones. 😆

@Oni ahwell with the amount of walkig, bicycle and running for a bus you just missed! You will get them back!

Especially if you also planning on walking in the the large amount of parks we have (at least I have close to me, not sure where you will be when youre in NL)

@admin @Oni As a compromise we'll try to find an omafiets with belt instead of chain.

@flor @Oni haha, this also typical dutch thing to say; "there are a lot for grabbing at every central train station" 😊😆 😂

@admin @Oni that's right, you just need to learn lockpicking 😗🎶

@flor @Oni nah, I've "borrowed" a lot of bikes before that had NO locks on them! 😆

@flor @admin I have strong legs, let's see what I can do with a fixed gear. But if I can't keep up we can keep looking. ^^

@Oni @flor haha, its only difficult when going uphill, like in my city we have a huge hill and I fucking live ontop of it haha!

Its also fun since those no gear versions also have only braking by kick back on the pedals

@admin @Oni back pedal brakes are a bad idea for the safety of anyone who rides with me

@admin @Oni and then crash into the car in front of us that's suddenly going backwards

@flor @admin It's ok, I can just skid my back end out and stop myself with my foot on their bumper. They'll love that.

@admin @Oni steel toed boots and stop by putting your foot *above* the bumper 😈

@flor @Oni both of you know how to make a simple task Hella scary hahaahhha

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@admin @flor I don't like backpedal braking! 😓 Looks like I might have to look for something else.

@Oni @admin I just want Oni to be able to keep up without complaining. My bike isn't for racing, it's designed for longer distances in the city and a bit of fun in the dunes. And for accelerating/braking, because we don't have separate bicycle paths everywhere there are people in cars looking for parking spots 🙄

@flor @Oni haha, I mean racing bikes are not comfortable anyways; imo a bike must be comfortable unless its for sporting (racing) xD

And yea fuck cars haha!

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