@flor Do I need to hurt someone, dear? >:(

mh (-) 

Drank so much last night that I had to go to the hospital today.

I'm not coping well with being back here in the US. I really need to be with my fiancee. 😢


@flor Hello there beautiful ❤️💖

@nathan I had to leave my fiancee behind and go to another country. pretty far away from "good" right now. 😞

I hate when I accidentally post a reply in "followers-only". Is there a way to get replies to default to the same visibility as the OP?

@Nonbinussy Either that's deliberate or he's insanely incompetent. Either way there's 0 chance I would show up for work for those days and would *absolutely* warn them again, "Hey I am *not* able to work for that time and am unable to come in like I warned you a month ago."

Also recommend getting a note from your doctor excusing that time off. There are generally pretty good protections for you when you get your doc involved. I've done it a few times with good results.

Good luck ~ <3

Almost time to get on my flight

If I'm going to wake up from a bad dream now would be a good time

Please shake me awake and tell me I'm still in my bed in The Hague

It's really difficult to finish packing. I don't want to do it. I don't want to be away from @flor. I don't want to go back there.

I have to leave the Netherlands tomorrow and this doesn't feel real. I don't want to leave. I hate the US and it hates me.

mh - 

I don't belong anywhere I can be

I can't be anywhere I belong

I'm tired and I want to give up

"Dumb" washing machine: pause it by opening the top. Timer may continue but can be manually set back.

"Smart" washing machine: pause it with the pause button. turns itself off if paused for a few minutes forcing you to restart the cycle.

The "smarter" appliances get the more I hate them. I paused it for just long enough to rinse conditioner out of my hair without scalding myself.

I've been wearing earplugs for several hours on this bus ride and starting to think I should just wear them every day.

It cuts so much background noise and chatter to a level that i can filter out, but I can still hear someone pretty well when they're talking to me.

In a very noisy space it makes it EASIER to hear someone talking to me because my brain isn't clogged with that noise.

I should find some comfortable reusable ones I can wear all day to replace the disposable ones I use.

@remi This is why i reset it to default when i left my ex

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