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And, if you *are* a techy person, you can make setting up Fedi servers a lot easier by installing @yunohost on whatever hardware you're using:

YunoHost has a huge amount of self-hostable apps (including Fediverse servers) you can install through its graphic interface:

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You might think that TERFs would be concerned about cis women failing transphobic gender tests in sports, but since it's an issue that primarily impacts Black women, they generally aren't.

If you're having computer problems DO NOT turn it off and back on again, IT has been SCAMMING YOU FOR YEARS, the problems will ALWAYS COME BACK, the solution is to simply turn the computer OFF and NEVER turn it back on again

love how much you worry your enemies

love how much you haunt them

love knowing you have stolen joy and respite from those who would do you harm

love that they have thought of you and your vexations of them in moments they would prefer relax and savor

let them call you a devil, demon, adversary

there is a serpent loose in their paradise, and they cannot be free of it

love yourself for this

Forcing students to write a paper arguing against their own positions is ableist.

I get what you're trying to do, but you're still asking me to misrepresent myself and advocate for the opposite. It doesn't matter that you gave me permission. It makes me physically ill to attempt.

YouTube is trying to convince me to play Team Fortress 2 again.

And it's fuckin working

Concept: virtual assistants preloaded on phones delete themselves if you tell them to fuck off.

If only I COULD hurt this nosey bitch's feelings. I didn't even fucking activate it.

Many Americans think that Hawai'ians lived in huts prior to colonization. The US actually de-industrialized Hawai'i. Before 1898, Hawai'i already had electricity, mass transit, railroads. Iolani palace had electric lights before the White House.

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ive seen it again in my tl so. this is 'bad opsec' . you are doing a crime and broadcasting evidence. protonmail will tell the cops if they ever ask. i dont even want to know what goes on that telegram group

I built a slide into my DMs to make it easier for you

All this extra exercise has left me quite sore, but it's a lot different from my usual pain and stiffness. I feel like I still have full motion. That's a massive improvement and I'm happy for it.

Wait why are we federating with lol

do you think that apartment complexes will realize that having a "resident clubhouse" makes exactly no one more likely to rent from them

WARNING:😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣NOT for the tots!

There's so much seriousness. Here's a tad of levity

#humour #standupcomedy

#swearing #NSFW

#EnglishVsArabicCurseWords | #MoAmer: Mohammed in #Texas

When you speak another language, you realize that curse words in the English language are like new borns. Just not strong enough.Mo problems, Mo solutions! C...

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