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I'm Quink, a demi-femme, ND, art and music loving anarchist. Think of me as your foul-mouthed, wild-eyed, non-binary, pan, cool aunty.

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Abortion supporters mobilized in #NYC, shutting down an anti-choice rally that for years had been harassing people going to a reproductive health clinic. "We will continue to defend our clinics." #RoevWade #Abortion #AbortionRights #ReproductiveRights

We've prepared a zine version of "The City in the Forest," our overview of the fight to defend the forest in Atlanta against a proposed police compound.

Please print and distribute these to help drive conversations about how to defend ecology everywhere!

Practice sketches from my sketchbook. I draw so much abstract stuff it's good to keep my hand in at sketching from real life.

Another day, my beloved ppl. Another day.
Some of us keep their miseries and problems to themselves. Yes, there’re people like those and they worry me. Pls don’t cut yourself off from a helpful way to gather all kind of support irl or online. I was this person and almost killed myself thinking that the whole world was against me. Boy, I was so wrong. There’s plenty of good ppl out there. We’re your friends aka your family & pls help us help you. 🌈


This is the problem when we misuse words that have specific meaning to disabled people. Overuse of 'triggered' to describe anything that *annoys* dilutes the word for people like me with ptsd. And now we have bad journalism taking the word and making shitty headlines, questioning its validity and making it more difficult for us to be taken seriously.

You're important and valuable always.

People might try to devalue, judge, and insult you for being nonbinary, but what they say is meaningless.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinaypride #exorsexism

dunking a teabag. fucking headass loser teabag, get fucked

I just don't really get The United Kingdom tbqh. I'm gonna read up on it

Mental health 

Been dissociating all over the place today - people talking to me sound as if they are in another room, felt on the verge of fainting most of the evening (my typical dissociation feeling), felt emotional whiplash all day - I hate days like this as I don't feel I was 'present' for most of it

queer terminology, not serious 

STOP saying "gender nonconforming" and START saying "hot"

Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse sounds more like a Sailor Moon Ultimate Attack than an astronomical event.

I took some time just to muck about in my sketchbook. Been distracted by so many things going on I had to do something mindless for a bit

A cis friend of mine asked me if I believed that platonic friendship between a man and a woman is possible, and girl

One, what kind of cishet bullshit is that, what am I, a trans lesbian, supposed to tell you

Two, it’s actually ok to find your friends hot

Finally got a pic of this little dude! Usually they are too quick to photograph up close

"The show is hosted by JoNina Abron-Ervin and Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin, two veteran organizers, former Black Panther Party members and co-founders of the Black Autonomy Federation. This episode is about the Black anarchist struggle against prisons and state slavery. Lorenzo and JoNina discuss the relevance of overturning the entirety of the state apparatus in the struggle for prison abolition rather than stopping at mere reforms."

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