I cry more easily when I’m angry than when I’m sad and I hate it so much 🤬

#OtD 23 Oct 1901, a general strike broke out in Rosario, Argentina in response to the police killing of anarchist migrant worker Cosme Budislavich during a sugar refinery strike. More info in this article: libcom.org/history/bolten-virg

you #solarpunk fans might like this AI-generated home in the woods

I woke up at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep, so good morning

I woke up way earlier than usual this morning and I don’t like it, there’s too much day. Feels like it should be later

**Molecular scales on biological membranes**

"With mass-sensitive particle tracking scientists can determine location and size changes of unlabeled proteins on membranes"


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Don't forget: Life is hard, but you, my love, manage to push your way trough it anyway. That is very respectable.

#OtD 10 Oct 1972 Black sailors from the USS Kitty Hawk in the Philippines during the Vietnam war decided to disrupt a favourite hangout of white sailors in a segregated whites-only area in protest at the beating of a Black sailor the previous night. More: workingclasshistory.com/2018/0

One day I’ll be able to get through a shroom trip without crying. That day wasn’t today tho, lmao

I want to start writing fiction again. I used to love writing fantasy, somewhere over the last few years I lost enthusiasm for it. I should find my passion for creativity again. I also need to be way more disciplined about creating a writing schedule

The last year has been so strange. After years of struggling I finally feel like my life is moving in a positive direction, but it feels like the world is doing the opposite. I can only be so happy about finally getting a stable job and the other new opportunities. Feeling isolated because of COVID doesn’t help

Please read the whole thread for context of the above photograph.

Colonists use patriarchal-brainwashing to continually probe and ask for "more evidence" of the reality of genocide. The "beyond reasonable doubt" clause is often abused to make the issues about gathering of "more" evidence when there is already plenty available. Usually a thin attempt to cast heroes rather than perpetrators of genocide.

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"Roman Catholic churches in Saskatoon and across Canada had also signed an agreement promising to raise $25 million to compensate Daniels and tens of thousands of other survivors for the emotional, physical and sexual abuse, malnutrition, cultural shaming and systemic violations of basic human rights suffered in Catholic-run residential schools.

...But most of that money was never raised.

...While the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon and its 80,000 members spent $28.5 million on the new cathedral, they raised just $34,650 for survivors.

The story was similar in other cities. Canada's 12 million Catholics donated less than $4 million of the promised $25 million, roughly 30 cents/ person.

After several years, the federal government told the Catholic Church to pay up.

Instead, church officials hired one of Canada's top lawyers, who, in a private court hearing, successfully argued that the country's Catholic churches had tried their best, had no more to give.

...On July 16, 2015, after a secret hearing the previous month, Justice Neil Gabrielson sided with the Catholic Church, saying the federal lawyer wasn't clear enough in his opposition to the proposal and a "reasonable person" would conclude a deal had been struck.

The Catholic churches quickly paid the $1.2 million buyout. They were still more than $21 million short of their commitment, but were absolved of any further legal or financial obligations."

source: cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/c

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